I think this will be the first time that I’ve ever done a “personal” message for readers of the MOB blog. I’m usually very focused on real estate business and productivity. Today, that’s changing.


I’m pretty active on Facebook. It’s really the only social media platform that I frequent. Maybe even a little too much [to the tune of 20 – 30 times per day, I’m guessing]. But today, something showed up in my feed that stopped me in my tracks.


I use Facebook as a social networking tool, keeping in touch with my real estate peers, my mobsters, my closest friends, and even my family.  It’s always fascinating to me how mews travels and how you end up hearing news about someone and just how quickly news can spread.


As I’m scrolling through my feed today, a photo struck me as being awesome. It was a picture of Shae Bynes hugging tightly on our good friend and fellow real estate investor John Paul Moses. Normally I would like the photo and continue scrolling, trying to minimize my time on Facebook.  But I read the post that she made before the photo, and was shocked to hear what happened to him.


On September 12, 2016, our friend JP was in a head on collision, and had to be air lifted to the hospital.  He had major surgery, removing his spleen, he has a broken pelvis, broken ribs, and other injuries. As I write this, he is in critical condition.  All we can do is wait for news about JP and send positive thoughts to his wife, his children, and his family.

JP and I were on a call together just a few short months ago, when he was super excited to interview me for the RealEstateMogul.com website. The call was supposed to be an hour, but we got so caught up in the moment, discussing business and good books to read, that it ended up being much longer than we planned. JP and I have touched based and talked several times since that interview. He is genuinely an exciting person. He is so passionate about life. It  was one of my most memorable interviews that I’ve done.


As I continued to scroll, I see that the news of JP’s accident is showing up in my feed from numerous real estate investors. Everyone is expressing concern, love and care for our friend.


Amongst all of the political negativity, and stupid MEME’s, it’s always nice to see outreach from a community where everyone is pulling together to offer support for someone in our community.

Every time something tragic happens to someone we know, it takes our breath away and somehow makes up appreciate our lives and our family for one more day.  

Today’s message isn’t about real estate at all. It’s a message to tell you something that you probably already know, but don’t practice. 


Life is not guaranteed. Life can be tragic and also full of unexpected wonderful surprises. It’s so terribly easy to get caught up in the race, putting things off that you really want to do because you’re “busy”.

Let’s practice on not living that way and living life for what makes you HAPPY, regardless of what others think.

Every day when you wake up, appreciate your time and your life like it’s your last day.  Don’t do anything that you don’t love doing 100% of the time, and take some time every day to do something that you DO love. Spend time with your family, your spouse, your friends, and your children. 


Tell everyone that is special to you just how much you care. Don’t live with any regret in your life.  Realize that everyone is human and that we are all unique in our own way. 

If something won’t affect you in 5 years, then don’t let it affect you for more than 5 seconds.  Don’t get angry, its a useless emotion.  You can’t control what has already happened. Instead, find something positive out of every moment and every person. Value your time and don’t let anyone take away your dreams and your aspirations.

Most importantly please keep John Paul Moses in your thoughts.  We want to see him back to his normal self, enjoying his life to the fullest, and embracing every precious moment.