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Top 10 Reasons to grab Godfather CRM on Black Friday

There’s over 400 reasons(customizations) to grab your copy of Godfather CRM from Property M.O.B.


The undeniable goodness of it NOT being “main stream” is enough reasons for me. Give it up for the little guy.


On a serious note, the MOB has spent the last 7 years customizing this platform, improving the workflows and functionality of this system every day, by actually USING it inside the real estate wholesaling business.  The ultimate goal of this CRM is to let anyone (at any time) fill the spot of an admin, and they’ll know exactly WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it.


This article could be 20,000 words long with tons of videos and instructions, but let’s stick with the top 10 reasons why you should grab YOUR copy of Godfather CRM on Black Friday this year.

  • The CRM customization is customized to fit the needs of a real estate wholesaler.  No other platform offers this.
  • If you’re working toward running your business on auto-pilot, this is the best place to start. There are multiple workflows that are built into the CRM that will make your life EASY.
  • All of your seller leads, and ALL of their information is stored inside the CRM. No More spreadsheets or manilla folders!
  • All of your buyer leads are also stored in the CRM, along with their buying criteria, showing activity, offer history, and purchase history.
  • All of your deals that are in escrow are managed as smooth as butter in the “Transaction” module. Step by Step Transitions are built right in.
  • All of your marketing campaigns are stored in the CRM, with analytical data that you can review in an instant to see how your business is performing.
  • There’s a built-in negotiating blueprint, with graduating offers, to ensure that you aren’t paying too much for the houses!
  • Godfather CRM is built on the Zoho platform, so the new “Zoho One” includes an entire suite of Zoho applications that will enhance your business. (i.e. Zoho Sign, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Books, and Zoho Motivator) for one low price of just $35 per month/per user.
  • The CRM is customizable, even after you get the Property MOB overlay. So if you want to add a rehabbing module, you’re able to do that!
  • It’s rare that we offer a promotion on Godfather CRM, so if you’re ready to level up, then stick around for Black Friday! We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

If these 10 reasons aren’t enough, then head on over to the Godfather CRM information page and check out all of the features of the CRM!

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