Question from Will from San Antonio, TX

What’s Your Question for the M.O.B.? What is the best thing to say to absentee owners in my yellow letters that will get the highest response rate? How many bandit signs should I put out when first starting out? Where can I find someone to put them out for me since I am so busy?

Real Estate Yellow Letter

Easy answer to your question,Will!  You see, yellow letters are a beautiful thing.  It doesn’t matter who you’re mailing them to, the simple “standard” message works across the board.  People try to change the message, and test different ink colors, etc. Why? I have no idea.  I guess they’re trying to make the wheel more round. But the truth is, the Standard Yellow Letter message just works.  It works for Probates, Absentee Owners, Divorce, Code Violatinos, Delinquent Taxes, Free and Clears…EVERYONE.   The response rate is going to be between 5% – 15% – depending on who you mail them to.  Regardless, that’s an amazing response.  It’s up to you to convert those leads into deals.

If you want someone to do the yellow letters for you, check out Yellow Letters Complete.  I started this company in 2006 and sold it in 2010. Talk to Zach. I still use them to do all of my yellow letter mailings.  They do an awesome job.  Good Luck!!  As long as you’re marketing for leads, you’ll do just fine. Well, as long as you’re taking action on those leads. 😉