This is a good question, indeed.  You may find yourself overwhelmed with a bunch of “busy” tasks (minutia,as I like to call them), but still not know which ones you can hand over to a Virtual Assistant to take care of.  So I’ve compiled a list of various tasks that my Virtual Assistant does for me.  Maybe you can get some ideas from this. And don’t worry, its ok to let go of these things and let someone else do them!!

  • Performs Quick CMA and Full CMA Reports
  • Does Text message Follow Up for all Missed Calls on Google Voice
  • Researches and Prepares Mailing Lists (Unsafe Structures, Delinquent Taxes, Probates)
  • Updates Website with Status of Sold Properties to Pending and Sold
  • Confirms that all Google Voice Numbers are working properly (every Friday)
  • Prepares Contracts and Amendments
  • Monitors MLS and submits Letters of Intent on a Daily Basis
  • Keeps track of Letters of Intent via MLS Offer Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Handles Letters to Probate Attorneys 
  • Sets and Confirms Appointments with Sellers and Buyers
  • Tracks Marketing Campaigns in Zoho
  • Orders Yellow Letter Marketing Campaigns
  • Prepares and organizes closings
  • Confirms Daily Appointments
  • Sends SMS text Message Blast to SMS Subscribers
  • Adds New Subscribers (Buyers) to MailChimp 
  • Processes front End Contracts
  • Orders Title Work
  • Adds Properties to Website (
  • Adds Properties to the MLS
  • Updates Zoho 
  • Runs Craigslist Ads
  • Coordinates Closing with Buyer and Seller
  • Requests HUD prior to Closing
  • Updates the MLS with Pending/Sold Status
  • Communicates with Buyer Regarding Closing 
  • Files all paperwork in Dropbox and keeps files organized

I’m sure there’s more that she does for me that I can’t think of right now. Heck, Ill even ask her to do personal things, like research the price of a new digital camera, etc.  Just imagine anything that can be done from a computer, your VA can do it for you. I can’t live without my VA! Ok, I could live, but I’d be going crazy trying to get all of the little things done that I really dont want to do. So she has been the perfect addition to our business.

Be sure to check out the M.O.B.’s Premium Membership. There’s a Virtual Assistant Training Manual in there!! It has pre-written instructions that you can just hand over to your VA, and she’ll be on  her way to getting things done for you!! Good Luck and enjoy your free time.