Automating Direct Mail Campaigns

automating direct mail campaigns
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Are you wondering if you should be automating direct mail campaigns in your business? Here’s the scenario: You go full speed into the real estate wholesaling business. Your direct mail campaign is banging. That motivated seller lead comes in that you’ve been WAITING for your whole life. BAM! It’s a hot deal. You get completely enthralled and focused on making the best deal with the most amount of money. After all, that’s what real estate wholesaling is, right??

The next thing you know, you’re marketing your contract and talking to cash buyers. Within 2 weeks, you’ve got a buyer on the hook. You’re headed to the closing table to collect your $10,000 check. Exciting right? YES, it IS!

First, I’d like to say congratulations for making it that far. Not everyone can do that. While you were focusing on getting that deal closed, what happened to your marketing campaigns? Did they stop temporarily so you could focus on your new deal? That’s what happens to most people. Then when you raise your head up to look for the next deal, you realize that you have to start your lead generation campaign all over again.

Automating direct mail campaigns will change your bottom line forever. Whatever you’re doing TODAY to generate leads, is what you’ll get paid for 30-90 days from now. So if you’re not doing anything, meaning your lead generation machine has been turned off for the moment, then you can expect absolutely nothing in 30 to 90 days. This is what causes stress for real estate wholesalers.

If you could create a consistent stream of income, would real estate wholesaling be much easier? Now you can!

This course will explain in detail how automating direct mail campaigns will help you maintain a constant flow of sellers. They’ll be coming into your funnel no matter what you’re focused on. This will results in a stream of income without any gaps. Then you’ll learn step by step how to execute the plan into your business.