How to Use Realtors to Buy and Sell Wholesale Deals

How to Use Realtors to Buy and Sell Wholesale Deals
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All real estate investors would love to know how to use Realtors to buy and sell wholesale deals. We’re in the same line of business, so we should understand each other, right? Well, to be factual, Realtors have a completely different business model than investors do. It can be hard trying to explain your goals and objectives to a Realtor. There are some “investor-friendly” Realtors, though, that actually work with investors as a niche. Those are the Realtors that will be excited to help you execute the two plans that are included in this course.

This course will give you TWO extremely lucrative ways to work with your investor-friendly Realtor to buy and sell wholesale deals using the MLS. These are techniques that your Realtor probably doesn’t even know exists!

Buying Houses in the MLS

Have you gotten caught up in the direct mail or Ringless Voice Mail Hype? Did you know there’s another way that you can land deals without spending any of your marketing budget? Learn an innovative and systemized way for you OR your assistant to pump offers out on a daily basis to listing agents. You’ll discover some of the most common keywords that Realtors use when listing distressed properties in the MLS. You’ll also see how to filter out your searches to bring ONLY those types of listings.

A Letter of Intent and all of the tracking sheets you need are included in this mini course!

Selling Your Equitable Interest Using the MLS

Did you know that you could offer your wholesale deals to the public via a Realtor? Additionally, properties that are sold through a Realtor sell for 10% more than when someone sells it themselves. You can capitalize on this opportunity by learning exactly how this process works. Learn how to buy and sell wholesale deals using a Realtor and the MLS by enrolling in this course right now.