Dominate the Probate Market in 3 Easy Steps

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We all know that there’s alot of money to be made from marketing to Probates. These are some of the most motivated and pre-qualified sellers on the planet. Most of the time when the heirs inherit a property, they don’t want it! They either live too far away, or just don’t have the time to mess around with it. This is where YOU come in.

Heirs of estates are always thankful to meet real estate investors who can solve their problems FAST! Instead of trying to fix up these old, outdated houses (which most properties in Probate are), they’d much rather sell the house quickly, and have their cash in hand.

During this one hour interview, Probate expert Shawn Bowen will reveal his exact strategies for marketing to Probates and show you HOW TO CLOSE PROBATE DEALS!

  • The best and easiest way to get your hands on a list of Probates
  • Marketing to Personal Reps and Probate Attorneys
  • How to deal with that ONE heir that wants to rehab the house
  • Why Probates are such amazing prospects
  • The best marketing strategy for Probates
  • The TOP 3 reasons Probate sellers want OUT of the deal NOW
  • How to be the leader in your Probate Market