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All of the audio files that you're about to listen to are actual calls with sellers as recorded by Tracy Caywood, the MOB BOSS of Property M.O.B.

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Actual Seller Pre-Screening Calls

Call # 1

During this pre-screening phone call with the seller, I had only one goal, which was to find out what kind of price range she had in mind for this property, which would help me determine her motivation level. She uses alot of motivated seller trigger keywords, but she certainly doesn’t want to divulge the information on the price that she’s willing to accept if I pay her all cash. Have a listen to this 12 minute phone call with this seller.  Listen out for the following things: 1. She absolutely says NO to $20,000 or $25,000 – so we know that’s pretty much out of the question. 2. She says NO to 70% of ARV minus repairs. She thinks that’s too low. 3. She doesn’t say no to anything else, she just tries to dance around the topic. I ALMOST got her to agree to 75% of ARV minus repairs, but she uses the “bad cop” technique by saying she has to talk to her husband. 4.  She affirmatively AGREES to 85% of ARV minus repairs. 5.  She wants to do her own research on ARV – but don’t let that scare you.  Her ARV and your ARV will not be the same. Neither will the estimate of repairs (which I explained to her).

Call # 2

This is what a motivated seller sounds like. Just listen to this call, and keep your ears peeled for the following Motivated Seller Trigger Keywords: TIRED OF IT, VERY TIRED OF IT, REALLY TIRED OF IT, TIRED OF TENANTS, VALUE HAS DROPPED, IT’LL BE A GOOD DEAL, WILLING TO GO BELOW ASSESSED VALUE This seller came from an eviction mailing (which I never mentioned during the call).

Call # 3

I started testing out my automated system in Nashville TN recently, and the leads are starting to come in. Here’s an actual call with a pretty motivated seller, that has a house with an ARV of about $80,000.00 She wants $10k. for the house ( I heard the guy say it in the background)….. She tried to change the price on me a few times, but I heard the husband give up the $10k – si I’ve got their “fuzzy number” now. I’ve just hired and set up my property inspector in Nashville TN, so as soon as this seller calls me back, I’ll be scheduling the inspection with my girl “Camille” in Nashville. I’ll keep you posted on this one!! Let this audio load….it might take a minute. but it WILL WORK.

Call # 4

So this guy was pretty adamant about the purchase price of his house, and had a little bit of a tude.  So I turned it around on him, and now he’s thinking about possible owner financing the house to me. The After Repaired Value of the house is about $90,000.00 – I’ll call him back on Monday, to see what the REAL decision maker thinks about it HAHA Listen to the audio of the actual call with him. I’m glad it ended…American Idol Results Show is coming on!   This audio file MIGHT take a few minutes to load. The call is 8 minutes long. Be patient, grasshopper.

Call # 5

Once I present the seller with my “fuzzy number” offer, and they agree (or slightly agree – even with a little resistance), then I set up the appointment for the property Inspector. Listen to this conversation with the seller, as we negotiate on the price a little bit, and then he agrees that I should come look at the house.

Call # 6

Making my calls this morning, and got an offer accepted. Originally, I offered $17,700 on the house using my fuzzy number method. Then, once the property inspection was completed, I discovered that I needed to adjust my numbers a little bit more.

Call # 7

This lead came in on April 23, 2014 and I gave her call within an hour after the lead was entered to make her our initial cash offer.  I haven’t seen the inside of the house yet, only did a Google Drive By. With $20,000 in repairs as a “fuzzzy number”, and using the ARV that my V.A. researched this morning, I’m able to feel this seller out and see if she may accept our ridiculously low offer. Based on this conversation with the seller, she didn’t say NO to my offer, and is still cooperating with me as far as the next steps. This indicates a reason for me to persue her further. Listen to the call:

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