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The Key

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What if you could wholesale an unlimited number of houses every month, while only working 5 hours per week?


Do you remember the first time you heard about creative real estate investing? It sounded easy, didn’t it?

The concept is easy, I agree. But once you dig your claws in and start indulging in the business, you quickly realize that there’s alot to learn and tons of moving parts. All of which are absolutely required to do in order for your business to be a success.

Most real estate investors start out spending every waking hour reading, networking, learning (living and breathing) the real estate business to try to to escalate their way to the top in the fastest way possible.  There’s information all over the internet, in forums, groups, YouTube, etc that will help you learn all of the details about how to become a successful real estate investor.

Once you’ve gotten the basics of HOW TO generate leads, structure deals, negotiate, and close deals, it all becomes relatively easy.

What you WILL find out, after you’ve 5 or 6 closed transactions under your belt is that there are parts of the business that you wish you didn’t have to do, but you know that they’re pertinent to your success.

Some things may really bother you – like:

  • Do you get busy with deals and neglect to keep the seller lead generating machine cranking?
  • Do you wish that you didn’t have to answer the phone at all hours of the day?  Or Better yet…
  • Do you wish that someone else would answer the phone for you?
  • Do you want to put out bandit signs but don’t really want to spend your Friday nights doing that?
  • Do you wish you could take a 2 week vacation but think that you can’t because “what if a motivated seller calls me”?
  • Do you wish that you didn’t have to deal with tire kicking buyers day in and day out?

These are just some of the things that get on my nerves, too!  Oh, there’s plenty more..I’m just touching the tip of the iceburg with those.

Why did you get into this business in the first place?  Was it because you wanted to be self employed?  You wanted to be your own boss?  You wanted to be a business owner?

One of the best books ever written for entrepreneurs is the E-Myth, which outlines the principles of being a productive and successful business owner.  It explains the difference of working IN your business, versus working ON your business.

Creative real estate investing can make you a highly successful business owner, and it can also make you a medicore employee.

Yes, I said employee.

You see, when you’re doing ALL of the tasks that need to be done in order to get a real estate transaction to the closing table, then you’re not a business owner at all. You’re an employee.  In fact, you’re playing the role of several employees. It doesn’t sound too cool when you think about it this way, does it?

If you’re really serious about making the most money as a real estate investor, then you’ve got to treat yourself like a business owner, NOT an employee.

What’s the difference between an employee and a business owner?

You Should Be the Business Owner, Not The Employee


A person employed for wages or salary, especially at nonexecutive level. (Hint: You do NOT want to be this guy)

What is a Business Owner?

An individual who owns and operates a business whether it be small or large. This individual also profits from the net gain of the company.

Let’s think about the guy that owns a McDonalds (which is a franchise). Do you ever see him in McDonalds working the fry machine?  Does he ever take your order at the counter and ask you if want to upsize?  The answer is NO!

That’s because he’s the owner of the business.  In order for the business to run smoothly and be successful, he has to hire employees that will do all of the work that he doesn’t want to do. He needs someone to take the order, cook the hamburgers, fry the fries, smear the mustard on the buns, throw the shit in a bag and sling it out the window.

You’ll never see him doing any of this!

Let’s talk about you now. You’re the business owner.  What parts of your business do you think you could outsource and automate? Are you baffled right now?  Let me help you.

You can outsource 95% of your entire real estate investing business!

Introducing “The Key”

The training modules inside The Key walks you through every single step of automating your real estate business. You’ll be able to wholesale as many houses as humanly possible with only 5 hours of work on your part. That’s 1 hour per day!

There are videos, documents, checklists, spreadsheets, and PDF’s in the Clinic that will help you seamlessly get through the process of automating your real estate business. 

When you register for “The Key”, you’ll have everything that you need to start pumping deals out, with very little effort on your part!  We’re going to go through the detailed part of buying houses AND selling houses on auto pilot. Your real estate business will scalable!

Check out the details on what we’ll cover below:

  • Introduction to Virtual Assistants  – Learn the power of virtual assistants, how to hire only the very best assistants, how much is fair to pay them, and what to expect from a new V.A.. You’ll be able to leave with the knowledge on how to hire a V.A., and start building a working relationship with your new assistant that will last for years!
  • Introduction to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software – How are you currently keeping track of your leads? Are you writing their information down on a sticky note? Maybe you have a spiral notebook?  It’s time to throw all of that in the trash!

    You’re going to learn a new way of keeping track of leads, contracts, transactions, expenses, and even marketing campaigns that will change the way that you look at your business forever.

  • Pre-Screening Sellers – You’ll create Systems for capturing seller leads on Auto-Pilot that deliver directly into your CRM. You and Your V.A. Will learn how to Determine ARV, Collect the PERFECT amount of Pre-Screening Information so that the cream of the crop sellers will stand out like a pink elephant in a white room!  Discover how to Pre-Screen Sellers and get them to answer all of your pre-screening (and even sensitive) questions.
  • Seller Lead Generation I (Direct Mail Campaigns) – Direct mail campaigns and follow ups on auto-pilot. Learn how to setup a direct mail campaign system that runs without you. In fact, while you sleep your life away, the lead generating machine will be churning in the background of your dreams. When you wake up every day, the leads will be in your inbox – pre-screened and ready to make deals with!
  • Seller Lead Generation II (Bandit Signs and Websites)-  Discover how to create powerful websites that generate motivated seller leads, and how you can work on obtaining an organic ranking in Google for your website.  Also learn the secrets to generating seller leads using bandit signs, and how you can have them put out by SOMEONE other than YOURSELF, week after week without ever wondering if the job got done. You’ll find out how to MAKE SURE they got done!
  • Making Offers/Negotiating with Sellers – You’ll never have to look at an old dirty, junky house again.  Quit worrying about stepping on hypodermic needles and smelling cat urine.  You’re going to outsource this MAJOR part of your business for just a few bucks, and still have all of the data that you need to make an intelligent offer to the seller.  Not only that, but you’ll be able to generate a rehab estimate without ever seeing the house!!!
  • Closing the Deal with Sellers – Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to fill out contracts ever again? Well after you leave the Automation Workshop, YOU WON’T!  Your system allows for everything to be done (and done correctly) by someone else!  You don’t even have to meet the seller to ask for signatures!!
  • Following up with Sellers – Even if the sellers tell you no, or to go to hell, this method will bring results! We’ve heard it and heard it and heard it again.  The money is in the follow up. You’re going to discover the most powerful way to throw your sellers into a follow system that will allow you to forget about them FOREVER (Until their ready to talk about selling it to you for all cash again)!
  • Buyer Lead Generation I – You’re going to develop a “home” for all of your buyers to visit when they want information about your properties, and set up a system that will continuously DRIVE YOUR BUYERS to that special place Oh! and let’s not forget that you’re also going to learn how to have buyers making requests to see your houses AND Making offers on your houses ONLINE!  Talk about AUTO-PILOT!!
  • Buyer Lead Generation II – Have a list of cash buyers is essential to every real estate wholesaler’s success. You’re going to learn how to not only build your list of buyers on AUTO-PILOT, but you’re also going to discover how to eliminate all of the tire kickers from your life, and have a ROCK SOLID list of “V.I.P.” Cash Buyers that are ready to do business with you.
  • Closing Deals with Buyers and Post Closing – How to sell the house without ever leaving you house. Learn how to automate Contracts with Buyers, Automate the Closing Process, and even automate what happens AFTER closing.  Your sellers will be writing testimonial letters for you that you can use on your website and in your credibility kit, and you wont even have to ask for them!
  • Reporting and Review  – You’ll know what’s happening in your business every minute of every day when you automate these very informative reports.  Not only will you know exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing, you’ll also know what each lead costs, how many days it takes you to covert a lead into a contract, and how many days your properties are for sale before you get them under contract. That’s just to name a few!
  • System Test Run Through/ System Check – Final run through to make sure your system is in CHECK
The course is fun and easy to understand. That’s not to be confused with “easy to implement.” I would not be able to implement this on my own without your instructions that have been broken down to two to five minute tasks. Snippet-Education is just my style (and attention span.) My VA is having no problem following your instructions. It’s to the point where I’m simply handing over the “to do” list to my VA and I’m hitting snooze on the alarm a few more times. I almost don’t know how to use Zoho because my VA is doing it all.
Corey Young


You’ll be able to implement all of the automation strategies that you need to have your real estate wholesaling business on auto-pilot. Every nut and every bolt will be turned for you, with step-by-step instructions and training on how to create the ultimate auto-pilot wholesaling machine!!

You too can be spending only 5 hours per week in your real estate wholesaling business and easily making six figures*!!

The Real Estate Automation Clinic is intense. It’s only intended for those real estate investors who are serious about their business, and want to transform themselves from being an employee of their business, to becoming a business OWNER.

You’ll be given EVERYTHING that you need to implement these techniques into your business with SUPER EASY to follow instructions. Each module is broken down into little bite sized chunks so that you can implement the tasks while you’re working in the Clinic.

My husband and I attended a 2 hour presentation given by Tracy Caywood and at the end my husband said “We’ve got to sign up for her class”. So, we did and could not have been more pleased. We learned not only how to automate our wholesale business, but we also learned valuable business lessons along the way. Automating a wholesale business will add more time for you to spend with friends, family, and other interests. This class is well worth the time, energy and tuition. We highly recommend it to anyone starting a Wholesale business or who has been a Wholesaler for years.
Pennie and Taka Nakashima

Lifetime Access to the Secret Facebook Page (Priceless)

Only participants of the Automation Workshops and Clinics (present, past and future) have access to this Secret Facebook Group. This is where you can go at any time, and talk/network with other people who have also automated their real estate business.

This is a fantastic way to get your questions answered after the event!  As new tools or techniques are discovered that will  improve your automated system, they’ll be posted on this Facebook Page. Not only be me, but by fellow investors like yourself who have automated their business.

It’s a great place to go for resources and advice on how to constantly be improving your system.

Live Training Calls ($Priceless)

I do Live Teleconferences for everyone that has been in the Automation Workshops and Clinics, and you’re invited! Any time there’s live training, you’ll be invited to a Members Only call where we’ll be discussing the real estate automation system, talking about how to improve it even further, offering ideas amongst our peers, and offering help with how to keep your automated system running as smoothly as possible…just like a well oiled machine.

Customization of Your Zoho CRM Professional Account ($297 Value)

You’re definitely going to need a CRM to help you automate your real estate business. You don’t have to try to find one that does everything you need it to. It’s already done.  And it’s already customized specifically for you, the real estate investor.

I’ve spent the last several years customizing and perfecting Zoho CRM specifically for real estate wholesalers. This is the very system that me and my team use every day in my business. People pay $297 all day to get their hands on this highly customized version of Zoho CRM.

You’re going to need this when you start automating your business, and it does ALOT of the heavy lifting for you, so you MUST have it! I’m going to give this to you for FREE when you register for the workshop.  AND – I’m going to teach you how to use it to its FULLEST capabilities during our weekend together.

Your Very Own Pre-Trained MOB Virtual Assistant INCLUDED with Registration ($997 Value)

The Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistants have 50+ hours of training with the Property M.O.B. and have learned a multitude of tasks that are required of real estate investors. These virtual assistants understand their role as an assistant is to help ensure the successful closing of transactions, and see to it that all of the details are handled in a timely manner.Our top performing virtual assistant graduates go through an even HIGHER level of training specifically for clients of The Key.

They know the entire workflow and process of automating your business. They’ve been trained through every aspect of the automation workflow, and will be right by your side to help you execute your automation plan.

You’ll just pay them a nominal hourly fee for their work, all of which will be tracked and monitored by you. You don’t have to go through the trouble of recruiting, hiring, OR training a Virtual Assistant. It’s already done.

Accomplish More By Doing Less

Register Now
Register Now
Regarding the Automation Workshop: WOW !!! The best investment I could spend to get my self all lined up to stop losing info that we have spent so long gathering and to Automate our company for success. Keep up the good work Tracy.
Shawn Bowen

What Will the Real Estate Automation Clinic Mean For You?

I’ve been a real estate wholesaler since 1998 and have assigned more than 500 real estate contracts. I’ve also done a variety of other deals such as Lease Options, Subject To, and Owner Financed. I even have some rental properties.

When I first started in real estate, I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning, trying to learn as much as I could, and implement as much as I could. I was so broke it wasn’t even funny. I didn’t even have money for postcards, so I printed a message on 4 x 6 index cards and mailed out a few dozen a week until I was able to close a deal.
After about 8 years in the business, I started to realize that there were alot of things that other people could do for me. Things that I didn’t necessarily want to do, but things that HAD to be done. So I started hiring Virtual Assistants. That was the turning point for me.

Since that day, I’ve found every way possible to outsource and automate my real estate wholesaling business. While I still play an active role in (only) the most important parts of the business, the time required from me is only about 5 hours per week.

If you’re a real estate wholesaler, whether a newbie or accomplished, you’re going to get to the point where you want to automate your business. Certainly you see the value in your time, and realize that if something is worth doing, that you should be paying someone else to do it for you.
Signing in to the Real Estate Automation Clinic will mean that you’re finally going to take your business seriously. You’re going to learn how to leverage your time and resources to free up your time. At the same time, you’ll be able to scale your business UP a notch, and make more money.

If you’re spending all of your time putting out signs, marketing properties, pre-screening non motivated sellers or tire kicking buyers, then you’re running SHORT on time to do what makes you the most money!

You should be spending your time talking to motivated sellers! You should be negotiating deals and getting contracts signed. If your focus is to let go of all of the time sucking minutia, and get down and dirty with making some real money, then you definitely want to register for the Real Estate Automation Clinic today.


1Introduction to Zoho CRM
2Introduction to Virtual Assistants
3Automation Workflow Overview
4Seller Lead Generation: Direct Mail Automation
5Seller Lead Generation: Bandit Signs and Website Automation
6Pre-Screening Sellers without Ever Talking To Them
7How to Automate Property Inspections and Never Look at a Dirty House Again
8How to Get a Full Comparative Market Analysis Delivered to Your Email Inbox on Every Deal
9Making Offers and Negotiating with Sellers
10Contract Preparation and Digital Signatures with the Push of a Button
11Ordering Title Work and Setting up Closing on Auto Pilot
12Automatic Follow ups with Sellers – Never Lose Another Deal Again
13How to Generate Buyer Leads Automatically With Your Buyer Website
14Buyer Lead Generation: Building a V.I.P. Buyers List in Your Sleep
15Marketing Your Properties/Deals without Lifting a Single Finger
16Preparing Contracts and Getting Signatures without Haggling
17Getting the Properties to a Closing without Any Effort or Energy on your Part
18Post Closing – Automatically Collect Testimonials and “close” files
19Reporting- How to Pull Reports to Get Instant Snapshots of Your Business Performance
20Making Offers and Negotiating with Sellers

100% Money Back Guarantee

You’re probably considering whether or not you should spend the money to get the training, aren’t you? I totally understand. I always hesitate before I spend my money on anything, as well.

You can feel safe with this decision knowing that if you’re not satisfied with the content and action plan that is being delivered in the Real Estate Automation Clinic, for any reason (or no reason at all), you’ll be entitled to 100% refund of the money that you paid for the training.

You’ll have 30 days to review the training modules and decide whether this automation program is the perfect fit for you, or if you’d rather continue doing things on your own.

If you decide that you’re not ready to implement the automation into your business and become a true business owner, I’ll understand.

You’ll be issued a prompt and courteous refund ON THE SPOT, and we’ll still be friends.

You have nothing to risk and everything to gain by registering for The Real Estate Automation Clinic. You can finally automate your real estate business and delegate all of the time sucking tasks to other people!


Accomplish More By Doing Less

Register Now
Register Now
I am so excited to be in your automation program. This is one of the few programs I’ve gotten into that actually works in the trenches and produces real results. It is so cool to see my VA put out some CL ads and then interview the applicants for sign jobs and property inspector jobs and to see how many people are clamoring to work with us. I am putting together a team to handle all the minutia that clogs the flow of business. And not only that, but we have been getting a stream of leads that are going into the CRM…and OMGosh…the Zoho CRM module you built is so efficient and practical. It makes dealing with business so much more productive. And it seems like you’ve thought of everything and it’s all right at my fingertips! Your program is awesome! Just don’t let anybody else in my market have it until I’m light years ahead of the pack! 😉
Richard McCray

You’re being forewarned: if you love to spend your days beating your head against the wall talking to non motivated sellers, tire kicking buyers, and all of the other bullshit tasks that are required to make a successful real estate wholesaling business, then this Real Estate Automation Clinic is NOT FOR YOU!

The Real Estate Automation Clinic is only going to help people who understand what it means and are fully committed to automating their business. It’s for serious real estate investors, either new or experienced, that want to make the BEST use of their time and do what makes them the MOST money. (and that’s certainly not building mailing lists).

You’re going to learn how to outsource EVERYTHING except for what makes you money (negotiating with sellers and READY TO SIGN buyers).

There’s alot of information given, and alot of implementation to be done during the clinic training, so BE READY to take action as soon as we start diving into the information.

You’ll be able to bring SPEED to the MARKET when it comes to getting your business automated as QUICKLY as possible.

There’s alot of demand for real estate automation, so I’m not sure how long I’ll be offering the Real Estate Automation Clinic at this price.  Register NOW to gain instant access to the Real Estate Automation Clinic Training modules, and start automating YOUR real estate business today.


  •  3 Easy Payments of $1495
  • Get Instant Access 

Real Estate Automation Clinic

  • $ 4,997 $ 3,995.00 

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