You can mess up your deals BIGTIME if you don’t know how to negotiate real estate deals with sellers and buyers of real estate.

how-to-negotiate-real-estate-dealsI see and hear this happen all the time. You’re able to lock down a motivated seller on the phone, and you set an appointment to go see the house. Then when you get to the house, you totally screw up the deal by now knowing how to handle objections.

There’s definitely an advantage to knowing how to negotiate with sellers. After a few years in the business, you’ll discover that they pretty much all say the same things.

Knowing how to handle these objections, as well as knowing how to present your offers and counter offers while maintaining your cool will not only make you an expert negotiator, but it will also push you into a new income bracket.

Introducing: Property M.O.B.’s Killer Negotiating Techniques Series

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