"Finally! I’m Going To Show You A Way To Take Advantage Of Some
of the BEST RESOURCES And Take You From A Novice To A Bad Ass
Real Estate Investor In A Super Short Space Of Time To Build Up
A Sustainable Business That You Can Be Proud Of!"
Yes, I Undertand That Building A Successful Real Estate
Investing Business Is Hard In Today’s World.
Hence, I Put Together The MOB’s Investor Toolbox That Is Designed To Give You
Quick Access To The Tools You Need To Be A Bad Ass Real Estate Investor.
The MOB’s Investor Toolbox Includes:
  • Rehab Estimator Tool: Estimate rehab costs like a pro (and get detailed reports) with the MOB’s Rehab Estimator Tool.
  • MAO Cheat Sheet: Easy to use Pocket Guide that will tell you exactly how much you should be offering sellers
  • Real Estate Contracts: Full library of real estate contracts that you’ll need as a real estate investor
  • Motivated Seller Trigger Keywords: 38 Keywords to listen for when talking to a seller. Identify true motivation and land more deals.
  • Patlive: The phone script that you can use for PatLive (or any other) answering service.
  • Click2Mail: Easily create awesome postcard campaigns in Click2Mail
  • $500 Marketing Plan: Working on a small budget? Check out the $500 Marketing Plan to get you on the right track.

The MOB’s Action Plan Center is jam packed with 22 executable plans to take your business to the next level.  Whether a newbie or a novice, these action plans will change the way your business performs.

This Is Your Chance To Finally Have Instant Access To All Of The MOB's Premium Content, Cheat Sheets, Trade Secrets, Marketing Campaigns, Join Our Secret Facebook Group And Access To Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program!
  • Investor Toolbox
  • Action Plans
  • MOB Borgata Meetings
  • Interviews with Experts
$7 For 7 Day Trial
Then Just $47 Month
  • Power Negotiating with Sellers: Combat the most common objections from sellers with these power negotiating hacks.
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis: Find out the 9 performance metrics of your marketing campaigns, and how to test, track, and measure them.
  • The Credibility Solution: How to build a credibility kit that will impress sellers and win your more deals!
  • WordPress for Non WordPress People: Build and maintain a powerful SEO strong website from scratch with NO PRIOR knowledge
  • How to Hire the Perfect Virtual Assistant: Some lessons on pre-screening, interviewing, and hiring the right V.A. the first time.
  • Bandit Sign Conversion Training: Get the highest response and the most conversions with the Bandit Sign Conversion Kit. Every trick you’ll ever need to maximize your sign campaigns!
  • Facebook Marketing: Discover some cool methods of building a list of cash buyers and motivated sellers using Facebook Advertising!
  • How to Pay Someone via Text Message: Here’s a fast and easy way to send anyone in the United States money using only a text message or email!
  • Using Craigslist to Build a Buyers List: How to capture the buyers information from your Craigslist ads. Free Marketing and List Building at your feet.
  • Break into the MLS Market: Slick way to land more deals without spending more money. Tap into the MLS market and turn this into a numbers game
  • How to Setup Multiple Google Voice Accounts: Ignore what Google says about not being able to link your cell phone to the new account. We have the answer!
  • Hidden Treasure in Quit Claim Deeds: Looking for an excellent marketing list that people haven’t tapped into? Discover a hidden gem in quit claim deeds.
  • Direct Mail Follow Up Formula: Determine when to follow up with your direct mail prospects.
  • Direct Mail Automation: The best thing you can do for yourself is automate your marketing campaigns. Find out how with these simple steps.
  • What to Say to Sellers: Don’t get caught not knowing how to respond to every situation a seller throws your way! The answers are right here.
You can also listen to these "bad-ass" interviews:
  • Real Estate Tax Strategies (with John Hyre)
  • 3 Steps to Dominate Your Probate Market (with Shawn Bowen)
  • Increase Your Bank Account by 100k by Selling to Retail Buyers
  • YouTube Guide to Market Share (with Adrian Nez)
  • Become Your Own Banker (with Justin Atkinson)
Every month the MOB and its members assemble online for a meeting. A specific is chosen, either by the members or the BOSS,
and is discussed in detail for 60 minutes. The calls are recorded and placed in the archives in the Members area.
We currently have over 20 borgata meetings in archive, and adding more every month!
Join for the CONTENT
Stay for the Community
  • Highest and Best Use of Your Virtual Assistant
  • Analyzing Your Business Through Metrics
  • Making Intelligent Offers to Sellers
  • Setting SMART Business Goals
  • How to Structure Multiple Offers to Your Sellers (Cash, Owner Finance, etc)
  • Interview with Chad Bartlett (winner of Battle of the BOSSES)
  • Text Messaging Hacks with Google Voice
  • More Click2Mail Training
  • How to Build a Credibility Kit
  • Retargeting Website Visitors through Facebook Advertising
  • How to Create Beautiful Facebook Ads that get Attention!
  • Goal Setting Practice
  • Quite possibly one of the best perks about being a MOBSTER is our Secret Facebook Group “the Mobsters Lounge”.
  • Once you become a member, you’ll get a special invitation to our group.
  • Note: You cant even find this group on Facebook if you search for it!
  • It’s THAT DOPE. Network with like minded people with NO SPAM, NO WHINING, NO BULLSHIT.
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What Our Clients Are Saying!
"The M.O.B’s just awesome. Plain and simple. It’s a close, tight-knit group. No stupid advertisements for Guru tapes, or Leads lists. It’s just 100% content, 100% of the time. There’s a list of files a MILE long to help you in your RE biz!"
Jim Iorio
"I was a seasoned investor already, having been in business for 7 years before joining the MOB. I’ve learned a lot of new tips and tricks, I’ve improved my business and my life since joining Tracy’s group. Mobsters are no B.S., no sugar coating, tough love and great motivation. If you’re new or experienced the Property M.O.B. can make YOU a bad ass investor!!"
Steve Londeau
"The MOBS premium membership is the best way to get valuable information when you need it… It has helped me go from making zero dollars in Real Estate to making Nine Grand ($9K) in just two months. If you are not in the MOB your already dead! Joining the MOB has been one of the best decisions I have made in Real Estate!"
Dustin Phillips
"Since joining the Property Mob I have recharged my desire to stay in real estate and become the kick ass investor I am!! The Mob keeps it real and no matter your skill level always has something to teach you. Tracy is the real deal. She not only works her business but is here to help others. On those days that I can just say screw it I get on the site or the FB page and one of the mobsters smack me upside my head and remind me to pull up my big girl panties and get those deals done. LOVE the MOB!!!"
Laurie Johnson
This Is Your Chance To Finally Have Instant Access
To All Of The MOB's Premium Content, Cheat Sheets,
Trade Secrets, Marketing Campaigns, Join Our
Secret Facebook Group 
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