12 Week Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesale Mentoring Program




Property M.O.B. Coaching Program for New Wholesalers


Become a “Bad Ass” Real Estate Wholesaler

You’ll be working one-on-one with one of the carefully selected and highly trained Property M.O.B. Personal Coaches. You’ll learn, implement, and firmly establish your real estate wholesaling business, coming out stronger, more educated, and confident, knowing that you’ve been educated on true and accurate information about the real estate wholesaling business.

There’s alot of information out there. All it does is confuse you and prevent you from becoming the Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaler that you can be. Put all of that garbage behind you and join the Best Coaching program around.  Join the Property M.O.B.’s Coaching program. With Property M.O.B.’s Bad Ass Wholesaler Training Program, you’ll have a personal real estate coach in your pocket  (literally – if you have a Smartphone!!) who will guide you through each and every deal until you feel comfortable enough to do it yourself while, at the same time, taking you through an intense training program in which every nook and cranny of real estate wholesaling will be trained into your brain. Anyone who has been certified as a coach in the M.O.B. program has successfully closed at least 100 real estate wholesale transactions, and has demonstrated the complete and thorough knowledge that’s required to be a Property M.O.B. Coach. Sometimes, the biggest person that’s in the way of becoming successful is YOU!   We all know how true this is.  Maybe you need a boost of confidence, or you need someone to tell you to get off your ass and make it happen.  This is when mentoring comes as a necessity.

The Property M.O.B. Bad Ass Wholesaler Training Program will make a Bad Ass investor out of you.

This Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaler Training  will enhance your base of the wholesaling business, as well as enlighten you as to easier and more efficient ways of doing business.


Having a mentor/coach could be the one thing that makes the difference between success and failure. I’ve learned that there are alot of people willing to give you advice. Trusting in those people can be detrimental to your success.  Here is your opportunity to learn how to get a handle on this business and finally create a six figure income for yourself. Bottom line – Hang around losers who talk about how much the real estate market sucks and you will soon find yourself broker than a dork who sits around and talks about how much the real estate market sucks. Hang around me and the M.O.B. … And you will soon find yourself flipping houses like flap jacks on a Saturday morning before cartoons and making what I like to call “SEXY CASHOLA”. As a coaching student of Property M.O.B.,we expect you to have the drive and determination that it takes to become successful. It won’t happen overnight. It takes time to learn this business, implement the techniques, and become comfortable enough to quit your real job (if that’s what you desire). So understand in advance that as a coaching student, we will work closely together, and it will take the work and commitment of BOTH of us to get you there. The M.O.B. doesn’t accept just anybody. We only want people who are ready to achieve, who are eager to learn, and hungry for success as a real estate wholesaler.  If you’re just doing this because you need to make some money, this is the wrong place to be. This business (and ANY business) required determination, commitment, and consistency. During the coaching program with your coach, these are the things that will covered in detail (along with helping you create a business plan, execute a marketing plan that will generate motivated seller leads, help you analyze deals, negotiate with sellers, assign your contracts and CLOSE DEALS:

Pre Training

Setting up your Godfather CRM for Real Estate and Learning the Workflows

Discovering The Real Business Concept of Wholesaling

Generating Seller Leads (Part I): Choosing the Best Lists of Motivated Sellers in Your Market

Determining a Realistic Marketing Budget to Meet Your Goals

Creating a Marketing Plan That will Produce Results

What’s More Important?- Quantity or Quality of your Marketing Campaigns

How to Determine When You’ve spent Enough Money on a Campaign, and when to discontinue that specific campaign

Setting Realistic Goals for Yourself

Generating Seller Leads (Part II)

Bandit Sign Marketing

How to Put a New Spin on Craigslist Ads to Generate Seller Leads

How to communicate with online leads and keep them engaged

How to FREEZE THE SALE with seller leads and keep them from calling every other investor

Creating Marketing Pieces that Produce the Highest response Rates

We’ll create a custom marketing plan for you that matches your marketing goals, your closing goals, and your income goals.

Making Offers to Sellers

How to probe at the problem and get an accepted offer

Why you shouldn’t use the condition of the house as a weapon

The Negotiation Cycle with Sellers

How to present offers to sellers

How to Determine ARV and Safely Arrive at MAO  (supplement) MAO Cheat sheet, Comps spreadsheet

Magic lines to use to get the sellers to say YES and ones that will earn you extra $5,000 in 10 seconds or less!

How to implement an effective follow up system for sellers

The method behind a follow up system and why it works so well

The best method for following up with sellers

How to maintain a relationship with your sellers, even if you didn’t buy the house

How to get referrals from ALL Of your seller leads

Closing the Deal with your Sellers

How to present the contract without being intimidating

How to disclose to the seller your intent to resell (assign) the property

Why being fully transparent is the best business practice and how to be cool about it

How to handle those times when you need to do double closings

How to get full and complete access to the house so that you can show your buyers and what to do if you can’t get in

Why you should start the title work order IMMEDIATELY and what to do if title problems arise

Generating Buyer Leads (Part I)

How to build an ALL CASH buyers list of real estate investors

How to sniff out those guys that just want to flip your house

Why you should only sell houses to the end user

Basic list of buyers VS a V.I.P. list of buyers

Why you should ALWAYS collect a Non Refundable deposit from buyers

How to avoid getting left hanging at the closing table

Generating Buyer Leads (Part II)

Using Craigslist Ads to generate serious buyers

Using a website to pre-screen everyone that walks through the door

Training your buyers on doing business your way

Selling houses to landlords vs. rehabbers

Using Bandit signs to build your buyers list

Using Facebook Ads to Build a Buyers List

Putting Realtors to work for you to SELL YOUR HOUSES FAST

Negotiating with Buyers

How to price your wholesale deal so that you sell it FAST (usually within 10 days)

Knowing the limit on lowering your purchase price

What to do if you get an offer that’s too low, but you can still make money if you accept it

What to do if your buyer has a problem with your assignment fee

What happens if you’ve overpriced your property, and how to glue these deals together

Keeping Buyers Away From Your Sellers when there’s a meeting in person

Closing the Deal with the Buyer

Using an assignment of contract with your buyer

Using a NEW purchase and sale agreement with your buyer

Selecting the title company to handle the closing of the transaction

No Inspections, No Contingencies, No Appraisals

Hard Money Lenders vs. True Cash – The BIG Differences

Creative Ways to Collect Assignment Fees – Build Residual Income

The Fundamentals of Closing the Transaction

Choosing an “investor friendly” title company

Traditional Closing Costs and Who Pays for What

How to Read and Review a HUD

Longevity as a Real Estate Wholesaler

The Right Mindset to Be In the Business for Many Years

How to Manage Those 4 and 5 Figure Checks $ $ $ $ $

How Much Do You Need In Your Business Account?

Paying the IRS their Money

Setting up a Business Entity for operating your Wholesaling Business

Learning Other Business Models

Investing In your Future and in your Retirement (Some Cool Investing Tips)

Outsourcing Your Business to Stay Sane

The Positives and Negatives about Wholesaling from a Veteran

In addition to your dedicated weekly one on one calls, your personal Bad Ass Coach will also be available for you via email (your questions will get priority attention) – and also available online via Skype upon request for live discussion via video, phone calls, or Instant messaging. Any deal or seller lead that you get during your coaching program can be discussed with your personal coach, and you’ll learn how to analyze deals, how to construct offers (sometimes multiple offers), and start CLOSING DEALS with sellers and buyers. It’s time to STOP DREAMING and START IMPLEMENTING. It’s time to start cashing checks from your wholesale deals. All successful people have one thing in common. They act. This is an investment that will pay dividends a thousand times over. You’re worth it my friend. Let’s get started.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Coaching Program:

How do I know if I need a personal coach?


You need a coach, and you know it. Ask any successful real estate investor or wholesaler if they had a mentor and they will ALL tell you “yes.” Did you know that Jack Nicholas, the greatest golfer of all time STILL pays big money for a coach? What does that say to you? Stop trying to beat the world on your own. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! I’m at the other end of the tunnel shining a light back at you, waving you over. Now get your butt over here. It’s funner on the other end. We’ve got cookies.

How soon will I make my first check?

It depends. If you’re brand new to the business, then I would say give yourself at least 60-90 days.  These are just estimates, and will be based on your motivation, and speed to the market. It will also be determined by your marketing budget, your mailing list, your skills when talking and negotiating with sellers, and your ability to sell the properties quickly. The M.O.B. will help you perfect ALL of these skills during your Bad Ass Training.

Can I do this business if I’m broke?

If you’re willing to bust your ass all night and day to make things happen, then yes, if you’re going to do all of the work yourself.  In fact, I was broke as a spoke when I decided to go down the wholesaling road.  I ain’t gonna lie, it sucked. If anyone tells you that it’s going to be easy, they’re a bold face liar.  The KEY to this business is generating motivated seller leads. Without money to spend on marketing, you’re going to find yourself making cold calls, knocking on doors, running ALOT of Craigslist Ads, and spending endless hours getting rejections from sellers. That’s not the way we want you to learn the business. We’re firm believers in eliminating all of the bullshit.  You don’t have to have deep pockets, but you do need to have a few bucks to spend on a marketing campaign, and enough money to sustain some type of marketing campaign on a monthly basis.  We can come up with some creative an inexpensive ones for you.

What will happen when I sign up for your Coaching Program?

First, you’ll to fill out a New Student Information form which will tell your coach more about you, your business, where you’ve been, and where you want to go.   Then, you’ll schedule your regular weekly one on one phone calls.   Then we’ll get started with our Bad Ass Wholesaler Training program.

What will I learn as a coaching student?

Everything that you need to be a Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaler. Just check out the agenda that is covered during our time together.  The M.O.B. will train you how to BE THE BEST wholesaler that you can be.

How much access will I have to my coach?

You’ll get personal one on one time with your M.O.B. coach via live video chats and/or telephone calls. This call will typically be one hour hour long every week for 12 weeks. You’ll also get some additional one on one time with your coach via Skype, telephone, and instant message (15 minutes per week) as well as unlimited access to email questions and text messages (which are answered between the hours of 9 am – 3 pm MON-FRI) It’s our goal to make sure that you have access to your coach to answer any questions for you (especially when the sellers start calling), to ensure that you successfully close your first, second, third, fourth, or fifth wholesale deal! You’ll also have access to your coach’s personal email address, where you can ask questions and request telephone calls.  You have to understand that your coach can’t be on call 24/7, but will certainly respond in a professional and timely manner in order to answer your questions, and help you lock down deals and get to the closing table. You won’t be left hanging, that’s for certain!

Who will be my coach?

The M.O.B. currently has 2 coaches in the family.  Both of the coaches have extensive profiles and experience as real estate wholesalers. Based on the availability, you’ll be assigned your own personal coach and mentor that you will work with throughout your time as a student.

I’m ready! How do I sign up?

The fee to enroll in the One on one coaching program with Tracy Caywood and the Property MOB is $6995.00*. When you’re ready, complete this order form and then you can schedule your onboarding call with Tracy to get started!

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