12 Week Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesale Mentoring Program


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Become a “Bad Ass” Real Estate Wholesaler in 90 Days: You’ll be working one-on-one with a certified Property MOB coach and mentor for 12 weeks, to learn, implement, and firmly establish your real estate wholesaling business.  There’s nothing quite like having a personal mentor to talk to you privately, answer your questions and concerns, and help you get to your desired end result quickly. Over the years, we’ve definitely discovered that having a personal coach reduces the learning curve by at least one year.  What that means is that if you’re out there researching and trying to lean everything on your own without someone to actually GUIDE you, then it could take much longer to reach your goals.  

If you’re serious about tackling the real estate wholesaling business and want to cut through all of the learning curve, the hiring a personal coach and mentor to be there with you is the best and only solution.

Here’s what you and your mentor will work on: 

  • Choosing the Best Lists of Motivated Sellers in Your Market
  • Establish a Realistic Marketing Budget to Meet Your Goals 
  • Creating a Marketing Plan That will Produce Results 
  • Creating Marketing Pieces that Produce the highest Response Rates 
  • How to Determine When You’ve spent Enough Money on a Campaign
  • When to discontinue campaigns
  • Bandit Sign Marketing – The Do’s and Dont’s, the best sign, message, avoiding trouble
  • How to FREEZE THE SALE with online leads and keep them from filling out everyone else’s forms
  • Incoming Phone Calls – Three methods of answering sellers calls from WORST to BEST
  • Pre-Screening Sellers
  • How to NOT blow a deal during the first call with sellers. 
  • Pulling Comparable Sales  
  • Estimating Repairs – how to determine how much the rehabber will spend
  • How to determine their TRUE motivation for selling the house- Your mentor will teach you what to listen for when you’re talking to the seller to determine the REAL reason behind the sale.
  • How to probe at the problem and cause more “pain” (Sounds worse than it is)
  • Why you shouldn’t focus on the condition of the house when negotiating a price 
  • Analyzing Deals
  • How to present your offer to the seller 
  • How much you should offer the seller on the first, second and third round of negotiating
  • Learn the most effective techniques for negotiating deals with sellers.
  • What circumstances that will allow you to pay MORE than MAO 
  • Magic lines to use to get the sellers to say YES 
  • Magic lines to use to make an extra $5,000 in 10 seconds or less 
  • How to implement an effective follow up system for sellers
  • The method behind a follow up system and why it works so well 
  • The best method for following up with sellers
  • How to maintain a relationship with your sellers, even if you didn’t buy the house
  • How to get referrals from ALL Of your seller leads 
  • How to present the contract without being intimidating 
  • How to disclose to the seller your intent to resell (assign) the property
  • Why being fully transparent is the best business practice and how to be cool about it 
  • How to handle those times when you need to do double closings 
  • How to get full and complete access to the house so that you can show your buyers and what to do if you can’t get in
  • Why you should start the title work order IMMEDIATELY and what to do if title problems arise
  • How to build an ALL CASH buyers list of real estate investors 
  • How to sniff out those guys that just want to flip your house
  • Why you should only sell houses to the end user
  • Basic list of buyers VS a V.I.P. list of buyers 
  • Why you should ALWAYS collect a Non refundable deposit from buyers 
  • How to avoid getting left hanging at the closing table
  • Using Craigslist Ads to generate serious buyers 
  • Using a website to pre-screen everyone that walks through the door 
  • Training your buyers on doing business your way 
  • Selling houses to landlords vs. rehabbers 
  • Using Bandit signs to build your buyers list
  • Using Facebook Ads to Build a Buyers List 
  • Putting Realtors to work for you to SELL YOUR HOUSES FAST
  • How to price your wholesale deal so that you sell it FAST (usually within 10 days)
  • Knowing the limit on lowering your purchase price 
  • What to do if you get an offer that’s too low, but you can still make money if you accept it
  • What to do if your buyer has a problem with your assignment fee
  • What happens if you’ve overpriced your property, and how to glue these deals together
  • Using an assignment of contract with your buyer
  • Using a NEW purchase and sale agreement with your buyer
  • Selecting the title company to handle the closing of the transaction 
  • No Inspections, No Contingencies, No Appraisals
  • Hard Money Lenders vs. True Cash  – The BIG Differences
  • Creative Ways to Collect Assignment Fees – Build Residual Income 
  • Choosing an “investor friendly” title company
  • Traditional Closing Costs and Who Pays for What 
  • How to Read and Review a HUD
  • The Right Mindset to Be In the Business for Many Years
  • How to Manage Those 4 and 5 Figure Checks  $ $ $ $ $ 
  • How Much Do You Need In Your Business Account?
  • Paying the IRS their Money 🙁
  • Outsourcing Your Business to Stay Sane 
  • The Positives and Negatives about Wholesaling from a Veteran

 You’ll meet your mentor one to two times per week via video chat or telephone, at a predetermined day and time that works for both of you.  Your meetings will usually last about 1 hour – 1.5 hour, but sometimes they will be longer than that, depending on the topics and the questions that you have. 

Your mentor is also available for you via email (your questions will get priority attention, and answered within 12 hours) – and online on Skype on Thursdays from 10 am – 11 am for live discussion via video, phone calls, or Instant messaging.  You can also discuss alternative times to schedule calls if this time doesn’t work for you.

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