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Are you wondering if you should have automated direct mail campaigns in your business?

Automated direct mail campaigns will change your business forever. Whatever you're doing today to generate leads, is what you'll get paid for 30-90 days from now. If you're not doing and marketing then you can only expect absolutely nothing in 30 to 90 days. This is what causes stress for real estate wholesalers.

If you could create a consistent stream of income, would real estate wholesaling be much easier? 

Enroll in the Automated Direct Mail Campaigns Course

This course will explain in detail how automated direct mail campaigns will help you maintain a constant flow of leads. Your sales funnel will be constantly adding leads into the top and popping money out of the bottom.

Here's the Lessons that are Covered in this Property M.O.B. EXCLUSIVE Training Course:

  • The Marketing Machine: Get a Bird's Eye View of How your Direct Mail Campaigns should be set up and run systemically on a daily basis.
  • Using Google Drive for List Management: Learn how to use a simple and free tool to manage your mailing lists. We all know how fast things can get out of control when you're managing thousands of names and spreadsheets. learn how to overcome this instantly.
  • Direct Mail Formula: This lesson will help you with scheduling and understanding the recommended frequency of follow up campaigns, based on the list criteria.
  • Postcard Marketing: This lesson will give examples and templates of postcards that have been tested and tracked for years.  You'll also discover how to use an online mail house to design and manage personalized direct mail campaigns that will generate leads for the LONG HAUL.

Your All In One Solution to Streams of Motivated Seller Leads


  • Quit Claim Deeds: Discover a very underground mailing list that you should be mailing to. learn what a quitclaim deed is, how to obtain the list in your market, and why they work so well.
  • The Marketing Calendar: One of the best lessons in this course! This game-changing concept will completely turn your business around. When you follow these basic concepts of scheduling first mailings, follow-ups, and how to manage your budget (no matter how big or small). You'll never look at direct mail as a pain in the ass again.
  • Dankest Mailing List Management: Use this spreadsheet template to organize and manage ALL of your mailing lists. You'll know in one click exactly how many names are in your database. Use this file to mark do not call, do not mails, duplicate entries, and hot leads!
  • Everything Mailing Lists:  This lesson is packed full of highly valuable information from the Property M.O.B. Coaches on how to choose a mailing list. You'll also learn when to abandon a list, and how to tell if your lists are bringing you the results you're after.



Laurie Johnson

Since joining the Property Mob, I have recharged my desire to stay in real estate and become the kick ass investor I am!!

 The Mob keeps it real and no matter your skill level always has something to teach you. Tracy is the real deal. She not only works her business but is here to help others. On those days that I can just say screw it I get on the site or the FB page and one of the mobsters smack me upside my head and remind me to pull up my big girl panties and get those deals done. LOVE the MOB!!!

Michael Nguyen

Thank you to you for creating an awesome community and website with a lot of useful content. Recently, I worked on a deal and had to come back to seller to renegotiate on the price.

 Thankfully, I am a member of Mobsters community and knowing you have a script for purpose of renegotiating with the seller. I was scared to death to come back to the seller to renegotiate the price, but with the “easy to use” script, I got the seller drop the price from 50K down to 37.5K. It was awesome feeling. I did it. Anyway, I really appreciate your help and your information to help us doing deals and be successful. Keep up your good work

Betty and Nancy

We just turned 75 years old in November and look like we are 60 years old. We have been reading everything on virtualcoaching. 

We love it. We have been investors for over 5 years and have learned more in the last couple of hours than we learned from all the courses we purchased and spent thousands of dollars on.. We love the virtualcoaching.propertymob.com system and will probably stay up real late tonight because we are so excited.. In a matter of weeks we will be closing deals and making money again..

Andrew Christie

I was very impressed with your cources and actually doing what you said in the beginning. Too often we hear, after spending a large portion of the one thing we can’t get back, you are prompted to pay or join and then get the initial answer you were offered. You did what you said and gave your opinion of the best lists. Great job!!

Stephen Norton

Thank you. I don't ever think I told you this but you are a big reason why I'm in Real Estate. I called your yellow letters company in 2009 and asked you some questions about yellow letters.

I was too scared to buy anything and you basically ordered me to buy some and quitting being such a sissy. I had no choice. I got a deal from those yellow letters and I've bought about 75 houses since then. Thanks for being rude to me on the phone. LOL

Adam Schneider

I got out my Power Negotiating with Sellers Cheat Sheet while I'm calling sellers and making offers! Definitely helps give me have a bit more confidence!

Property MOB is the Real Deal

I subscribed because your training stood out from all the other self-proclaimed gurus. No hype, no over selling claiming to make $27k in 30 days or posting your members checks. I love straight real talk; no fake bullshit and you definitely deliver straight up with no chaser.

The Key - Customer Review

Regarding the 90 Day Automation Workshop: WOW !!! The best investment I could spend to get my self all lined up to stop losing info that we have spent so long gathering and to Automate our company for success. Keep up the good work Tracy.
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