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Godfather CRM

#1 Selling CRM For Real Estate Wholesalers

Godfather CRM is the best-rated tool used by hundreds of real estate investors to organize and automate the way they do business. Maximize Every Opportunity and soar through these pre-written workflows to enhance your performance!


Do you find yourself struggling with lead management? An Excel spreadsheet is only good for so much information, then it becomes unmanageable. You need a simple cloud-based application that will make your job as a real estate wholesaler easier than ever!

Godfather CRM was developed by a real estate wholesaler, and introduced into the market in 2013. Hundreds of in=vestors use the CRM and have great results getting a handle on their leads. Once you master the simplicity of our CRM, you’ll start converting more leads into PROFIT.

One of the most overlooked parts of being a real estate wholesaler is follow up. 75% of all of your income will come from following up with your sellers. Having a system like Godfather CRM that will help you automate this process is essential to your success.

Message from Tracy Caywood, Developer of Godfather CRM

IN 2010, I found myself in desperate need of a better way to organize my seller leads. At that time, everything was handwritten on a sheet of paper and kept in a manilla file folder. On the tab was written “Property Address”.

With more than 5 or 10 files working at the same time, things began to feel very hectic and chaotic! When it time for me to follow up, leads would get missed because I simply forgot to look at the file. I couldn’t recall where I made a certain note. I STARTED LOSING DEALS because I wasn’t organized!

Straight to the search engines, I went, not knowing what a CRM even was. That’s when I discovered Zoho CRM. It didn’t function the way I needed it to, but I learned that I could customize if to perform exactly the way I wanted!

I spent the next several years, adding, tweaking, and testing my own CRM in my real estate wholesaling business. Soon, it was clear that this new way of handling leads and transactions was making me MORE MONEY!

Becoming a Certified Alliance partner with Zoho CRM in 2013 allowed me to offer this powerful and simple to use CRM to every real estate wholesaler in the country! With my years of training and expertise, I’m happy to provide Godfather CRM to new and experienced investors alike.

Features of Godfather CRM

There are hundreds of features and functions of Godfather CRM, but here are just a few of the features that will stand out in your mind when you think about what you really need in your business. Most of these features are exclusive to Godfather CRM only.



  • Pre Screening
  • MAO Calculator
  • Instant Emil Offers
  • Automated Tasks
  • Easy Follow Up


  • Collect Buying Criteria
  • Keep Offer History
  • Location Segmenting
  • Property Matching


  • Automated Marketing Tasks
  • Showing Requests
  • Lockbox Inventory
  • Closing Coordination


  • Expense Tracking
  • ROI Results
  • Performance Metrics
  • Automatic Tasks


  • Pipeline Income
  • Acquisition Manager Goals
  • Disposition Manager Goals
  • Target KPI


  • Lead Reports
  • Closed TRansaction Reports
  • Days on the Market Reports
  • Hundreds More to Keep you Informed 


Quick Snip Feature Videos of Godfather CRM



Frequently Asked Questions About Godfather CRM for Real Estate


Q:  What’s the difference between Zoho CRM and Godfather CRM?

Godfather CRM is powered by Zoho CRM, so the application is very similar. However, Property M.O.B. has it’s own rights to the software, allowing for further customizations and specialized service to its clients. However, it’s a completely separate platform. Not all features of Zoho CRM are available in the Godfather CRM version yet.  For a brief overview of SOME of the features of Godfather CRM, see the Quick Snip Feature Videos. NOTE: Godfather CRM does not work with Zoho One but some Zoho applications are built-in.

Q:  Can I customize Godfather CRM even more that it already is?

Absolutely! One of the best features of Godfather CRM is that you get a full suite of customizations and workflows instantly, but you have full control over your system and can make as many changes to the software as you’d like. We do not offer any support or training for any customizations past the system we provide.

Q:  What is Godfather CRM?

Godfather CRM is a fully-customized software (powered by Zoho) that has been developed specifically for real estate wholesalers. The system and automation process that has been designed inside this CRM has been in use by an active real estate investor since 2010, so you can feel good knowing your specific needs are being met! There are constant changes to the workflows, only to create a more seamless experience for your business.

Q: Do I Get Updates to Godfather CRM in the Future?

Any updates and/or improvements to the system that are made once you purchase Godfather CRM will be automatically pushed to your CRM at no additional cost.

Q:  What happens after I place my order?

Once you order Godfather CRM, we’ll send you an invitation to create an account. Your new account will come loaded with full features.  You’ll have 15 days to try out the software for free. After that, you’ll need to pay the $59 setup fee and subscribe to the plan that works the best for you. 

Q:  Is there a monthly fee to use Godfather CRM?

There’s a one-time setup fee that’s paid to Property MOB for the customization of your account. Then there’s a monthly subscription that is paid to Zoho CRM in the amount of $35 per month, per user. All of this is set up inside the CRM once you’re a customer.

Q:  What type of support is offered for Godfather CRM?

We want you to get the most out of your experience with Godfather CRM. All Godfather subscribers will receive full support through email, and live chat on our website.  Any support issues that can’t be handled through the MOB, will be escalated to Zoho Platform support.

Q:  What Integrations Can be Done with Godfather CRM?

The new Godfather CRM platform utilizes Zoho Flow for connecting applications.  Check the Zoho Flow page for a list of software that is currently compatible.  (additional fees apply for Zoho Flow)

Q:  What version of Zoho do I Need?

The new Godfather CRM platform has it’s own version subscriptions built-in.  Once you create your account, you can then choose which version you want, based on your business needs.  The monthly subscription fees start at $35 per month per user.

Your Search is Over For a Simple but Powerful Software

Don’t let the learning curve scare you off. There are dozens of tutorial videos that will train you on how to use your new CRM. PLUS, most of the workflows are built-in and so easy to use, even a NEWBIE can master and convert seller leads!

Our Customers Love Godfather CRM

Your setup has made me way more organized and effective. ost of all it has made me some great PAY DAYS.” 

Full Circle Investment

I have used a few different CRM’s in my wholesaling business and Godfather CRM is by far my favorite.

CC0 by Coffee Bean 


Me and my team love it. It’s been very helpful especially the workflows and pre-generated tasks. 

CC0 by Coffee Bean 


Godfather CRM is truly what I was looking for. It’s even better than I expected.



Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you’re going to love Godfather CRM, that we will let you try the system out for a full 15 days with NO RISK! Order Godfather CRM and start using it in your real estate business right away. If you decide that it’s not right for you, then we’ll refund 100% of your setup fee NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

*You will need to close your CRM account completely to be eligible for refund.