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Godfather CRM: The #1 Best Selling Real Estate Investor CRM

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Godfather CRM for Real Estate is the tool used by hundreds of real estate investors to organize and automate the way the do business.  Godfather CRM allows you and your team to maximize every opportunity and build a solid workflow so that you can scale your business and stay on top![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Every real estate investor CRM needs to be powerful enough to handle scaling and automation. Godfather CRM for Real Estate is a simple and powerful solution that’s ready to use instantly!


  • All Pre-Screening Information in one Place
  • Maximum Allowable Offer Calculator
  • Instant Email Offers
  • E-Z Web to Lead Forms
  • Direct Connect with Google Voice
  • Notes and Records from Every Conversation with Sellers



  • Build and Maintain Buyers List
  • Records Buying Criteria
  • Match Buyers to Properties
  • Track Offers from Buyers
  • Log Showing Requests
  • Segment by Location (for Virtual Wholesalers)


One Time Customization Fee $297

$40 Month/Per user


  • Marketing Performance Metrics
  • Automated Direct Mail Tasks
  • Expense Tracking
  • Link Leads to Marketing Campaigns
  • Measure ROI
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter



  • 15 Point Marketing Checklist with all new properites
  • A to B, and B to C Transaction History
  • Showing Instructions and Lockbox Inventory
  • Built in Closing Coordination Tasks
  • Simple Rental Property Management

Copy of Campaigns

Performance and Analytics

  • Vendor Database
  • Profit Forecasting and Team Performance Reports
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Task Management


Check out Videos of this Amazing Product Now!

You can review the Godfather CRM for Real Estate video highlight reel and discover just how awesome it is!

Godfather Highlight Reel

Imagine Having Every Video Tutorial You’ll Ever Need to Fully Understand and Utilize Your Godfather CRM for Real Estate At Your Fingertips….

The Godfather CRM Training Center is a library of video tutorials that will explain and teach you how to use every module of your new system. If you’re not extremely tech savvy, this is perfect for you. All of the videos are taught in easy to understand language. No high tech gobbly goop.

FREE Godfather CRM Training Center Included with Purchase  ($97 Value)

Library Catalog of Training Videos


How to Create New Custom Fields
How to Change the Name of Existing Fields
How to Create Custom Workflows
How to Create Your Own Contract for Merge
How to Add Your Own Contracts and Documents
How to Merge Contracts
Add Yellow Letter to Your Zoho CRM
How to Integrate Dropbox
How to Add Custom Links to Modules


How to Change Permission Levels
How to Change the Layout
How to Add a New User
How to Sync Your Google Calendar
Mapping Fields – Quit Losing Data HD
How to Use Audit Logs
How to Create Email Templates
How to use the BCC Dropbox Feature
How to Use Zoho Email Add-On Feature

Leads and Transactions

How to Embed a Seller Lead Form
Zoho CRM Workflow for Leads
How to Convert a Lead to a Client
The Power of the Lead Status Field
How to Create a View of Closed Transactions
Zoho Training: The Transaction Module


How to Track Marketing Campaigns
How to Create Direct Mail Follow Ups
How to Import Mailing Lists

Here’s what other people have to say

What a Powerful CRM System!

“Thanks again. I am loving getting into the Godfather and integrating it into my day. I also do Insurance, and construction, and this is an incredible base to build on to run all my businesses out of.

Thank Tracy for the amazing training. It filled in the blanks and gave me a solid understanding of just how powerful this system is.

I AM A ZOHOHOLIC!” (heart)

Jenn Pigg

Nicasio Torres

I’ve told you before but I cannot get enough of it. Zoho is a real peace of work, I absolutely love and enjoy using it. Keep up the brilliant work.

Shawn Bowen

Your ZOHO set up has made me way more organized and effective. But most of all it has made me some great “PAY DAYS”. Thanks again for being a ” Bad Ass Investor”

Willie Phelps

This is great the way you put it together! I’ve been so blessed with the videos and everything, and I’m in the process of learning, customizing and training my assistant. So thank you so much… Best money I’ve spent in my Real estate business all year!

Arlo White

First month or so with zoho, me and my team love it. Its been very helpful especially the workflow stuff and setting up reminders and pregenerated tasks. Thank you so much for introducing me to it, and giving me the ‘skeleton’ to build on!!!

Thomas Clark

I have used a few different CRM’s in my wholesaling business and this customized version of ZOHO is by far my favorite. I’m hooked at this point and am not looking to switch to anything else anytime soon. You can’t beat it for the price.

Godfather CRM

Tracy’s CRM program on Automating your business was truly what I was looking for and it is even better than I expected when I found out what all the program can do for me.

I’ve been doing this business for a while now and I was so happy to find someone that truly understands not only on flipping houses, but how to organize, scale and pull a business together by using teams and work flow task management tools. I’m already seeing great results!

Thanks again!

Phil Robertson

Still Have Questions?

Q:  What's the difference between Zoho CRM and Godfather CRM?

Godfather CRM is powered by Zoho CRM, so the application is the same. However, Property M.O.B. has it’s own rights to the software, allowing for further customizations and specialized service to its clients.  There are ALOT of new features available in Godfather CRM than was in Zoho CRM (by the MOB).  For a full overview of the features of Godfather CRM, see the comparison chart on this page.

Q:  Can I customize Godfather CRM even more that it already is?

Absolutely! One of the best features of Godfather CRM is that you get a full suite of customizations and workflows instantly, but you have full control over your system, and can make as many changes to the software as you’d like.

Q:  What is Godfather CRM?

Godfather CRM is a fully customized software (powered by Zoho) that has been developed specifically for real estate investors. The system and automation process that has been designed inside this CRM has been is use by an active real estate investor, so you can feel good knowing your specific needs are being met!

Q:  What happens after I place my order?

Once you order Godfather CRM, we’ll send you an invitation to create an account. Then, we’ll need for you to send us your login details so that our developer can login and put the finishing touches on your account.  You’ll be able to use your account within 24 – 48 hours, and it will be fully functional within 3-4 business days. Your new account will come loaded with full features.  you'll get to use it free for 15 days. At that time, you’ll need to subscribe to the BOSS Edition. (which is $40 per month per user)

Q:  Is there a monthly fee to use Godfather CRM?

There’s a one time setup fee of $297 that is paid to Property MOB for the customization of your account. Then there's a monthly subscription that is paid to Zoho CRM in the amount of $40 per month, per user.

Q:  What type of support is offered for Godfather CRM?

We want you to get the most out of your experience with Godfather CRM. All Godfather subscribers will receive full support through our Godfather CRM Facebook Page, email, and through live chat on our website.  Any support issues that can't be handled through the MOB, will be escalated to Zoho Platform support.

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