Real Estate Negotiation Skills: Power Hacks for Buyers and Sellers


Negotiation tips when responding to Sellers and Buyers.


It’s all about using the right language when it comes to negotiating real estate. When you have a negotiation strategy, you can use it over and over. It’s not always what you say but how you say it. That’s what negotiating is all about. It’s a play on words.

What Does it Take to Become a Real Estate Negotiation Expert?

Not everyone is born with a natural talent of being able to negotiate.  To find your way over or through an objection will require some skill.  First, you must be able to identify that you’re being presented with an objection. Second, you must know how to handle that objection. 

Study the language and art of real estate negotiating

Preparation is the first step in being a master negotiator of real estate. Some people believe that negotiating is an inherited trait. Others think it can be learned. There are techniques and strategies that can be studied and learned about how to negotiate real estate. Depending on what stage you’re at in your deal, you can use different techniques. 

negotiate real estatePractice being a real estate negotiator

With each new technique that you learn, go play the game on every day people. For example, if you’re in the department store and you see an item you like.  Ask for the manager and practice negotiating.  The worst he can say is no. You’ll at least see how real people respond to your newly learned skills. Another good idea is to frequent garage sales and/or estate sales and practice negotiating with them.

When you take Property M.O.B.’s Negotiating Techniques course you’ll have the confidence that you need to go out there and make deals with sellers.  It takes some practice and the ability to know the cues.

This course includes Negotiating tips from some of the TOP dogs in Property M.O.B. – Tracy Caywood and Steve Londeau. Eaves drop on their conversations and learn how to use awesome negotiating techniques (that only the experts know how to use) to get exactly what you want from sellers. Become the most sought-after real estate wholesaler in your town.

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