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Close 200 % more Deals when you hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to help you Organize, Automate, and Scale Your Business!
real estate virtual assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Organize, automate, and scale your real estate wholesaling business when you hire a pre-trained virtual assistant! 

We train and offer only the best virtual assistants to our real estate investors. Every one of our associates have shown 100% commitment to the training, to their job, and to be the best team member that they can be!

Why Should I Hire a Property MOB Virtual Assistant?

With the explosion of the internet, gig-based jobs, and real estate virtual assistant services – the opportunity to do less work started to dominate our minds.

We train and offer only the BEST of the BEST virtual assistants to our real estate investors.

We all share the common goal of having as much free time in our lives to do more of the things that we want to be doing, instead of doing the things we MUST do to survive.

Before we offer a virtual assistant to you, each team member is pre-qualified through various methods. We hire those who are on time, prompt, can take direction, and are great team members.

Then, we send them through our Virtual Assistant Training Academy. Here they spend 70+ hours working through the interactive training modules that we’ve prepared for them. This includes assignments, quizzes, and a final exam. Once completed, they earn a Certificate of Completion from our Academy.
virtual assistants for real estate investors

Featured services provided by our VAs

Lead Generation
Real Estate CRM Platforms
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Website Maintenance
Real Estate Flyer
Craigslist and
Other Online Sites
Direct Mail Management
Bandit Sign Campaigns
Live Chat Operator
Social Media Posts
Campaign Management
Mailing List Organization
Research & Data Scraping
List Building
Transaction Coordination
Real Estate Flyer
Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
Contract Preparation
REI Simple
Craigslist and
Other Online Sites
Expenses 2

Property M.O.B. Reviews

Mandy Finnestad

Ehmard is fantastic. He has been great working with and helping to setup processes and making sure everything is going well. He is a very hard worker!

We would like to continue with what we are doing, I have a LOT of leads so that part is a bit slow with getting them all ready to be imported (I am also doing this) and Ehmard has been a great help. We will just continue with having Ehmard scrubbing and importing leads and sending initial communications (text, email, mail) and organizing the CRM. Communication with him has also been great!

Rafi Mizrahi

My name is Rafi Mizrahi, I live in Israel and I am wholesaling houses in Cleveland Ohio. And Yes I am doing it from Israel ☺

I was looking for A virtual assistant to help me with all the tasks that I hate doing and I saw as a waste of my time. Tasks that mostly do not generate immediate cash but helps to be organize in the office. Tasks that I did every day and each time I used to say to myself that I wish I had virtual assistant to do it like posting ads on Craigslist.

Steve Londeau

Wow. I was SO sick and tired of looking for a good VA. I'd place ads, respond to dozens of inquiries, find one I liked and hire them.... and then be completely disappointed and have to start all over. I did not have time or energy to train my VA properly.. I was too busy trying to get deals done. I hired a Property MOB VA that was trained very well. They were better at many tasks then I was. I'm SO happy I did hired them for this. I now have two mob trained VAs in my team. I've referred and recommended them to many people. I highly highly suggest if you're thinking about it to STOP and just do it. Hire a property mob trained VA for your business. It's one of he best decisions I ever made for my business.

Phil Robertson

My VA is a Rockstar...

My VA has taken on so many administrative tasks that now I have more time to work on lots of other projects. He is incredibly organized, professional with our clients on the phone and in email, eager to learn new things, and always in a good mood and he keeps me in check. Plus, he loves to work! He has been hugely important for running and growing our business.

Thanks again for connecting me with a great VA!

Thanks again!
Just had a 3 way phone call with my new MOB Associate (VA) which we set up two calls with people I knew, the first one was nice and the second one was a seller from HELL !!!! she loved it and did a great job.
I have a MOB Virtual Assistant, and she is awesome. Eager, ready to work, knows what she's doing, follows instructions, she’s great!
The Virtual Assistants are awesome!
My VA, Benjie is awesome. Pro-active, eager to learn, knowledgeable. I have tried to train a few VAs in the past myself with very mixed results. This is an invaluable aspect of having someone with the necessary qualifications to perform from the start. Thank you for the awesome setup and training that you provide for this to all happen. Rock on MOB!

Things you need to have before your Virtual Assistant can begin working  Efficientlty:

CRM setup with working phone numbers and Emails
Basic Marketing Plan Ready for your VA to execute
Specific tasks that you want your VA to perform on a daily basis
Realistic Expectations and Patience about how soon to see results when adding a VA to your team. It will probably be longer than 10 hours.
Email-to-Mail (Click2Mail) account setup using a Business Email address
Change the icon padding to adjust the left spacing.
A phone number purchased through CRM or Google Voice (already stated in the first bullet above)

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Team!

No Contracts, cancel Anytime!
$7. 95 per hour / 10 Hour Weekly Minimum

F.A.Q. for hiring a VA from Property MOB


What Happens Once I Order a V.A?

Once we receive your order for a Property M.O.B. Trained Associate (Virtual Assistant), you’ll schedule an onboarding call with our VA Manager. The call will discuss your business model, your goals for adding a new VA to your team, and your plan of action.

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime 

There is a MINIMUM of 10 hours per week to use one of our Virtual Assistants.
The hourly rate for our Virtual Assistants is $7. 95 per hour.
You’ll be charged on Mondays for the prior week’s actual time worked.
There is a 7 day notice of cancellations policy. All Cancellation requests must be confirmed by a member of our staff in writing.
Wholesaling Real Estate

Which CRM Platform Do Your Virtual Assistants Know?

Our VAs are experts in Freedomsoft, Podio,  REI Simple, Godfather CRM and many more.

Can I train your Virtual Assistant to do tasks that weren’t in the training?

You’re welcome to train your Property MOB Virtual Assistant to do any additional tasks that weren’t covered in our training academy.

About the Mentor

Meet Tracy Caywood
Mentor and Coach at Property MOB
No woman personifies the real estate mob more than Tracy Caywood, a.k.a. ” The Flamingo”. A sharp-tongued Jacksonville Florida native with enough sass and guts to tackle any seller or buyer of real estate. She has flipped (Wholesaled, that is) MORE THAN 1,000 SINGLE FAMILY HOUSES! When the idea of the M.O.B. came to mind in 2010, Tracy wanted to provide an place online where new and experienced real estate investors could come to get new ideas, learn techniques, and pick up some golden “nuggets” from real life experiences. Since then, the M.O.B. has evolved into a robust knowledge base where the focus is on business automation and organization.

It’s that Easy!

The #1 Goal of the M.O.B. is to create a Bad Ass Real Estate Investors.

One of the best ways to organize, automate and scale your business is with the help of a Virtual Assistant.

Each one of our virtual assistant graduates has been hand-selected, personally trained, tested, and selected to be part of our team!

To top it all off, they're familiar with your business model and can help you accomplish your goals!

We know how tough is it out there to find good help.
That’s why we’ve done all of the frustrating up-front work for you. All you have to do is look through our directory of assistants, choose your favorite one, and put them to work.
Makers of Bad Ass Real Estate Investors
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