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Do You Need Some Help Automating
Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business?
Wholesaling Automation For Busy Real Estate Wholesalers Who Want to Focus on Closing More Deals and Outsourcing Those Time Sucking Tasks FOREVER, "The Key" is The Only Proven System That Can Automate Your Business in Just 5 Weeks!


Wholesaling Automation - if you're serious about automation for your real estate wholesaling business, then you can register now for the Automation Training for you and your V.A.

  • Training Provided by a VETERAN Wholesaler (Tracy Caywood) and her assistant who has automated her business and wholesales properties in 2 major real estate markets, all with only 5 hours of actual work per week.
  • Time released training, so that you and your assistant can train together on the same modules, implement the tasks together, and build your business together
  • Training presented in order of an actual real estate transaction, from lead generation all the way to the closing table.  Everything goes into auto pilot!
  • Your real estate business will be fully automated in 5 weeks
  • FREE BONUS (When available): Choose one of Property M.O.B's pre-trained virtual assistants from our directory to join your team. Hourly rate of $7. 95 per hour with 20 hour per week minimum will apply.
"Wholesaling Automation is one of the few programs that actually produces real results."

We've been getting a stream of leads that are going directly into our CRM. OMGOSH!! You're thought of everything and it's all right at my fingertips. Your program is awesome!

Richard McCray, Baton Rouge LA
"I'm hitting snooze on the alarm clock a few more times"

The course Wholesaling Automation is fun and easy to understand. I wouldn't be able to implement this on my own without your instructions that have been broken down into five minute tasks. It's to the point where I'm handing over the "to do" list to my VA and hitting snooze on the alarm a few more times."

Corey Young
"I wanted to tell you how thankful I am
for the key training program that you offer. "

I have been doing real-estate investing for a while now and racking my head working countless hours to get deals done until I found your program! All I can say is that there is nothing like being able to make the same amount of or more money and only have to spend 1/8th of the time doing so.. Going through this program, I completely understand the reasoning behind the cost. There is a ton of hard work that went in to your program and dealing with all my questions can’t be easy, but I want you to know that You have truly given me the feeling of having an actual business that runs its self and gives me the time I was looking for from the start to spend with my family and for that I am truly grateful! I love having the freedom and time to do whatever I want! Thank you SO much!!!!!

Justin Norton
"I’m already seeing great results!"

Tracy’s program Wholesaling Automation "The Key" , on Automating your business was truly what I was looking for and it is even better than I expected when I found out what all the program can do for me. I've been doing this business for a while now and I was so happy to find someone that truly understands not only on flipping houses, but how to organize, scale and pull a business together by using teams and work flow task management tools. I’m already seeing great results! Thanks again!

Phil Robertson
Fast Paced, In Your Face Training that GET RESULTS

There's no denying that I don't kid around. If its' one thing I like to eliminate from my life, it's wasted time and being haggled. And I'm going to do the same thing for you!

Once you've completed "The Key" Implementation Program, your real estate wholesaling business will live in a new dimension. There won't be any more haggling with those tasks that drive you crazy. You're going to build an infrastructure for your company that will change your life and your bottom line.

When you eliminate minutia from your life, you have tine to focus on more things that MAKE YOU MONEY! That might be negotating with more sellers, taking a long vacation with your family, or it might be starting a new business venture that you've been thinking about. Whatever your reason for wanting to automate your real estate business, I've got you covered!


Here's What's Covered in The Key 

Getting Started with The Key
Introduction to The Key- Learn how to use the training website, how to work with your assistant during the training, and how to stay on track to automate your business in just 5 weeks.

Virtual Assistant Assignment - Select and meet your virtual assistant and create a workday schedule.   The tools to use to stay in contact will be suggested, and you can start to communicate immediately.

Godfather CRM - You'll have your Godfather CRM account customized specifically for the automation training. Take the time to setup and organize your company and team structure to make sure that your details and access are clear

Wholesaling Automation - How to Buy Houses on Auto Pilot
Seller Lead Generation- Your seller lead generation process will be put on auto pilot and the hardest part of this business will suddenly become the easiest part. You'll implement a monthly marketing calendar, organize your mailing lists, track all of your marketing expenses, and marketing campaigns!
      Direct Mail MachineAutomate Your Direct Mail Campaigns so the leads NEVER STOP. When you're ready to kick it up a notch, just give your              VA the word! In Module 2, we'll complete the process of getting every single seller lead seamlessly entered into your CRM.

      Live Chat on Website - Your assistant will study and install a FREE Live Chat software onto your seller website. The primary function of this                    software it to capture leads that may otherwise leave your site without leaving the site.

With the help of your assistant, the execution of marketing campaigns will go into auto mode, and the seller leads will continue to flow into your funnel every week. You'll  learn how to analyze your marketing efforts, and target the most effective campaigns using the reporting that will be sent to you on a weekly and monthly basis.
Pre-Screening Sellers - Setup a system to handle your incoming seller leads 24 hours a day.  Rest assured that not a single lead will ever fall through the cracks again with this tight pre-screening system.

Using automated scoring rules, you'll be able to pre-screen sellers in 5 seconds flat, and move them through your system with easy to understand transitions.  Your assistant will do all of the diligence on the leads, including researching delinquent taxes and pulling comparable sales. All of the information that you need to have an intelligent offer with the sellers will be right in front of you, but done by someone else!

Presenting Offers to Sellers -  Construct automated offers and negotiating guidelines when you have a team and a system that will do it for you.  Don't worry about paying too much for a property again with the automated offer system.  

You'll discover how to get other people to look at houses for you, delivering accurate information that you can use to make offers.  The best part is, you won't have to recruit, hire or train these people. Your assistant will do it for you.
Follow Up With Sellers - One of the biggest gaps in a real estate investor's business is their follow up system.  It can account for 50% of your closed transactions, so you're going to correct this problem in The Key.
You'll set up automated follow up systems using technology that will touch your seller leads on a regular basis with messages that get responses.  In addition, your assistant will perform follow ups using the "human touch" method.
Creating an automated follow up system allows you to "set and forget" the sellers who aren't ready to sell you their house today.  They'll resurface when they're ready and call you first, because you're the only one who has kept in touch with them.
      Even if the seller has told you to go to hell, this automated follow up system will prompt sellers will contact YOU when they're ready to sell their house        to you. EVEN if its been 6 months since you last talked.
     Closing Deals with Sellers - When it's time to get the deal signed and delivered, The Key will make it easy.
     Contract NinjaWhen the seller has agreed to your offer, with just the click of a button, your assistant will use this fail proof system to create an all          cash contract, and request signatures from your sellers via digital signatures. There's also the option to receive it PDF! Your assistant will take care of          the rest, creating an error proof contract and making sure that it gets signed by the seller.
      Closing deals has never been easier than it is right now when you enroll in The Key and automate the entire process.

Wholesaling Automation sells Houses on Auto Pilot

You'll build a solid system for selling houses on auto pilot:

» Generate Buyer Leads – Learn how to generate qualified cash buyers for your deals using online and offline techniques. Your V.A. will be building your buyers list while you sleep!

» Pre-Screen Buyers – Implement an easy electronic system designed to weed out the tire kickers and wanna be’s. ONLY the CREAM buyers will rise to the top (as they should).

» Build the Perfect Buyers List – Never be at a loss for a cash buyer again. Learn to create a system that will push buyers right into your funnel without any effort on your part.

» Digital Showing Requests – Stop answering the phone and giving out directions to the houses! You’ll make an online showing request form for buyers to fill out and see the house without interrupting The Walking Dead. Once received, your VA can handle the showing remotely without ever bothering you!

» Electronic Offers – Train your buyers to submit their offers online using your new electronic offers module. This method pre-screens out alot of buyers, and you can deal with only the serious buyers who have cash.

» Closing Coordination – No more haggling with buyers about closing dates and HUD’s! Don't worry about the administrative tasks that are required to close a transaction (ordering title work, coordinating closings, title issues, mail always, etc). Put that *ish on auto pilot.

Analytics and Reporting

Weekly and Monthly Reports - You'll be setup with automated reports that will be delivered to your email inbox on a regular schedule that will tell you exactly how your business is performing. You won't have to go digging for data and information. It will be right in front of you.  You wont' have to get your hands dirty to find it. 


Watch These Awesome Video Reviews!




"The Key" Implementation Coaching Program

"The Key" Wholesaling Automation is the only program available to real estate investors that walks you through the automation process step by step, and has an implementation program attached that will make sure your business is automated in just 5 weeks!

(Here’s How the Training program works)

You'll log into The Key Training website and start to navigate through the training videos that were created for you, the real estate entrepreneur.  At the same time, your assistant will also log in and have their own training modules to study.  At the same time, you'll be learning the automation process, but each person will be learning what their roles and responsibilities are on the team.
Most of the administrative work is assigned to the assistant, as that's what creates the true business for the real estate investor. During The Key, the system will be set up and the parts put into place, so that together, you and your Virtual Assistant can work together to build a strong relationship and an even stronger business.
The training modules are, by design, time released over a period of 5 weeks, and delivered in order of how a real estate transaction flows.  Starting with the lead generation process and moving all the way through to the closing table, The Key will create an automated and organized environment where your business can thrive, grow and succeed!
With each training call, comes assignments and tasks for each person to complete. While the majority of the tasks will be assigned to the assistant (naturally), the investor will always be kept up to date on what's being done and what to expect from their assistant during that particular training module.

You will move through the training together, as a team, just as you'll  need to do in the workplace.

You'll have access to our private Facebook Group that was created specifically for The Key, where you can ask questions of the M.O.B. and other investors who are automating their business.  You'll always have a place to go to ask questions and get answers.

We'll also do live questions and answer events, and you can check dates and times for that on the Facebook page.

HERE'S THE BEST PART: You're only job will be the learn your new system and MICRO MANAGE your virtual assistant! You can watch everything unfold and see it in full performance mode almost instantly!

Automation is made possible through the use of a virtual assistant and software, but don't let that stop you! You're going to get your very own personal virtual assistant and a CRM that's required to make all of this happen.

Each one of our Virtual Assistants have 60+ hours of training on The Key and are fully trained to tackle every set up, implementation item, and execution of the program.

You'll basically be learning how your new system works while your Virtual Assistant manages everything.

The Best Customer Support The M.O.B. Has To Offer

As "The Key" Implementation Member, you'll be able to contact our Support team via email, chat, phone and our Special :Members Only Facebook group.

These folks know exactly how The Key works and will explain how to solve whatever problem you're having. If they don't have an answer right away, they'll find one and get you back on the road to success as quickly as possible.

You'll love The Private [Members Only] Facebook Page for Members of The Key Implementation Program. Once inside, you’ll be able to communicate with other trainees that are participating in The Key Implementation Program, as well as those who have completed the program.

You can ask questions, get answers, and even collaborate further on creative ideas to help your automated business grow and prosper!

Be One of the Few Investors Who Run Your Business Like a TRUE BUSINESS


So if you're serious about Wholesaling Automation for your real estate wholesaling business, then you can register now for the Automation Training for you and your V.A.

  • Training Provided by a VETERAN Wholesaler (Tracy Caywood) and her assistant who has automated her business and wholesales properties in 2 major real estate markets, all with only 5 hours of actual work per week.
  • Time released training, so that you and your assistant can train together on the same modules, implement the tasks together, and build your business together
  • Training presented in order of an actual real estate transaction, from lead generation all the way to the closing table.  Everything goes into auto pilot!
  • Your real estate business will be fully automated in 5 weeks
  • FREE BONUS (When available): Choose one of Property M.O.B's pre-trained virtual assistants from our directory to join your team. Hourly rate of $7. 95 per hour with 20 hour per week minimum will apply.


Laurie Johnson

Since joining the Property Mob, I have recharged my desire to stay in real estate and become the kick ass investor I am!!

 The Mob keeps it real and no matter your skill level always has something to teach you. Tracy is the real deal. She not only works her business but is here to help others. On those days that I can just say screw it I get on the site or the FB page and one of the mobsters smack me upside my head and remind me to pull up my big girl panties and get those deals done. LOVE the MOB!!!

Michael Nguyen

Thank you to you for creating an awesome community and website with a lot of useful content. Recently, I worked on a deal and had to come back to seller to renegotiate on the price.

 Thankfully, I am a member of Mobsters community and knowing you have a script for purpose of renegotiating with the seller. I was scared to death to come back to the seller to renegotiate the price, but with the “easy to use” script, I got the seller drop the price from 50K down to 37.5K. It was awesome feeling. I did it. Anyway, I really appreciate your help and your information to help us doing deals and be successful. Keep up your good work

Betty and Nancy

We just turned 75 years old in November and look like we are 60 years old. We have been reading everything on virtualcoaching. 

We love it. We have been investors for over 5 years and have learned more in the last couple of hours than we learned from all the courses we purchased and spent thousands of dollars on.. We love the virtualcoaching.propertymob.com system and will probably stay up real late tonight because we are so excited.. In a matter of weeks we will be closing deals and making money again..

Andrew Christie

I was very impressed with your cources and actually doing what you said in the beginning. Too often we hear, after spending a large portion of the one thing we can’t get back, you are prompted to pay or join and then get the initial answer you were offered. You did what you said and gave your opinion of the best lists. Great job!!

Stephen Norton

Thank you. I don't ever think I told you this but you are a big reason why I'm in Real Estate. I called your yellow letters company in 2009 and asked you some questions about yellow letters.

I was too scared to buy anything and you basically ordered me to buy some and quitting being such a sissy. I had no choice. I got a deal from those yellow letters and I've bought about 75 houses since then. Thanks for being rude to me on the phone. LOL

Adam Schneider

I got out my Power Negotiating with Sellers Cheat Sheet while I'm calling sellers and making offers! Definitely helps give me have a bit more confidence!

Property MOB is the Real Deal

I subscribed because your training stood out from all the other self-proclaimed gurus. No hype, no over selling claiming to make $27k in 30 days or posting your members checks. I love straight real talk; no fake bullshit and you definitely deliver straight up with no chaser.

The Key - Customer Review

Regarding the 90 Day Automation Workshop: WOW !!! The best investment I could spend to get my self all lined up to stop losing info that we have spent so long gathering and to Automate our company for success. Keep up the good work Tracy.
Wholesaling Real Estate Mentor

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