Total Access Pass to Property M.O.B. Academy

$4,197.00 $997.00

Grab your “Total Access” Pass to the Property M.O.B. Real Estate Investing Academy and get instant access to ALL 36 Courses.  With the pass, you’ll pay just $27 for each course.

Instant Access to Every Training Course Available in the Property M.O.B. Academy

Over 50 Courses and Countless hours of training, created by a 21 Years Real Estate Wholesaling Veteran. The experience you’ll gain from having the Total Access Pass is Priceless. Knowledge and skill from 1,000+ Closed Transactions is all combined into one training academy.

  • Easy to Follow Course Grid
  • Lesson Progression Indicators [So You can keep track of which courses you’ve taken]
  • Action Plans and Quizzes to Keep you On track for Success
  • Everything a Real Estate Wholesaler Needs from Newbies to Advanced Businesses
  • Learn How to Get Started, and How to Automate and Scale


Property M.O.B. has been the #1 trusted resource for new and experienced investors online since 2013. Providing a wide assortment of training courses, resources, and step-by-step action plans is what has made us stand out from everyone else. The mission of Property M.O.B. is to create Bad Ass Investors who are armed with the knowledge they need to see through all of the fog that’s out there.

If you were to buy every course that we offer individually, you’d spend nearly $5,000. Not a bad price considering the value that you’ll get from these training courses. But to sweeten the pot a bit, the Total Access Pass give you a tremendous discount if you buy all of them at once! You’ll get rewarded for committing to your success right now.

Here’s a look at the Property M.O.B. Course Grid that shows the courses that are included in the Total Access Pass. Take note that some of these are our FULL COURSES, and if bought individually, cost more than the price of the Total Access Pass! (i.e. THE KEY – Automation Training Program).


Buy the Total Access Pass and Get Instant Access to ALL OF THESE COURSES – You pay just $27 per course

$4197 VALUE If Purchased Individually!

Money-Back Guarantee

The M.O.B. is so sure that you’ll find value in every single course that is included in your Total Acces Pass, that we’re backing up our training 100%. Once you buy the Total Access Pass, you’ll have 30 Days to consume any training from any of the courses that are in your library (which is all of them). If for any reason, you can’t find value in the courses, then just let us know. We’ll refund your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
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