Virtual Assistant Kickstart Program



Discover How to Integrate your Virtual Assistant into your Business and get the Most Value Imaginable

The thought of hiring a Virtual Assistant sounds endearing, we know!  But what happens once you actually sign up to start your VA service?

  • Do you know where to begin? 
  • Do you have a daily agenda for them to follow?
  • Do you know what goals you want to accomplish with your VA?
  • How will you communicate effectively?
  • How will you monitor their work?
  • How Many Hours do you need them to work?


With Property M.O.B.’s Virtual Assistant Kickstart Program, you’ll get a Kickstart to success by putting your VA to work using the best and more powerful practices ever!

The Kickstart Program is a Four Week Program where you will speak directly with our Virtual Assistant Team Leader and Business Management Coach . You’ll be guided through the steps necessary to put your Virtual Assistant to work and keep them busy AND productive. 

One of the main struggles that we see with new real estate investors hiring a Virtual Assistant is that they simply don’t know how to manage their new employees.  This can be a daunting task, and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  We get it! Hiring a Virtual Assistant is no different than hiring a new employee for your company.  It takes time to train them, indoctrinate them, and have them on their way performing the tasks that you need them to do.  There’s no magic button that tells your new VA what they should be doing.  

Since everyone runs and operates their businesses differently, our Kickstart Program will get an overview of your operation, and help you start integrating your new Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistant smoothly into your business. Once the transition period is over, you’ll be managing your VA like a Pro and being more productive than you’ve ever imagined. 


Here’s what’s covered in the VA Kickstart Program

MAIN OBJECTIVE: Learn how to Generate Leads utilizing the Services of a Virtual Assistant

You’ll meet with your Business Management Coach once per week for a 60 Minute Phone Call. These calls will be highly detailed and focus on getting you and your VA working together like a real team should, and sharing the same goals and objectives. 

Week 1:  Generate a Marketing Campaign Based on Budget and Goals, Create  a Plan of Action, Setup Your CRM

Week 2: Develop Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Workflows and Task lists for your VA

Week 3: Special Projects and How to train your New VA on new tasks

Week 4: Following Up, Managing your VA, Time Tracking

Getting Started in the Kickstart Program is Easy! Just sign up today and you’ll be ready to schedule your first coaching call with your Business Management Coach.

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