Close 200% More Deals When You Train Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant How to Help you Organize, Automate, and Scale Your Business

  • Self Guided Training Courses with Assignments
  • Trainee Receives “Property M.O.B. Certified Assistant” Certificate Upon Successful Completion of Training Course
  • Your Assistant will be Ready to Go To Work Once the training is completed
  • Trains your assistant to be dependable and efficient

Fellow Investor,

Imagine the reaction from your friends and spouse when you tell them you closed 10 deals last month, and only worked 15 hours!  You’ll leave everyone wondering how you did it.  Imagine now how many options will instantly open up for you.

My name is Tracy Caywood and for years I struggled with my real estate wholesaling business. I thought that noone could do the tasks as good as I could. So I did what every control freak investor would do. I did them all myself!  That is, until I grew up and realized that I could accomplish alot more if I just had some help.

That’s when I hired and trained a virtual assistant. She’s the backbone of my real estate wholesaling business. With her help, I’ve been able to scale my business and start working in other markets, increasing my profits and closed transactions.

Now you, too, can have the same dream business setup.  All you need is a virtual assistant to start working on your team.  You actually CAN accomplish more by doing less!

With the Property M.O.B.’s Virtual Assistant Training Academy, you can send your VA through the same training that my virtual assistant has been through.  This is top notch level training, with details on how to complete tasks and handle administrative tasks to help YOU scale your business and close more deals.

Lead Generation

  • Direct Mail Management
  • Marketing Calendars
  • Mailing List Organization
  • Social Media Posts
  • Campaign Management
  • Live Chat Operator
  • Bandit Sign Campaigns


  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook and Social Media Marketing
  • Website Maintenance
  • Real Estate Flyers
  • CraigsList and Other Online Sites
  • Marketing Expenses


  • Research & Data Scraping
  • List Building
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)
  • Transaction Coordination
  • LIght Bookkeeping
  • Contract Preparation

The Training Academy Lessons:

  • Introduction to Wholesaling- user will study a guide that outlines the business of real estate wholesaling.  They will have a basic understanding of the business model, and be able to answer simple questions about wholesaling fundamentals.
  • Assignment Fees vs. Double Closing – user will learn and understand the difference between these 2 type of closings. They will also be able to identify profits on a HUD Statement.
  • Finding Comparable Sales – user will learn how to research comparable sales using various sites, and select at least 3  comparable sales to the subject property.  They will then add them to a custom CMA spreadsheet, which will calculate average price per SF and deliver “ARV”.
  • Setup PatLive – the user will learn how to set up a brand new PatLive account, provide the script for PatLive to use, Port Google Voice numbers to PatLive, and even create a web form for PatLive to use to enter leads directly into a CRM.
  • Web- To -Lead Forms – the user will discover how to create a script for web based forms in Godfather CRM that can be embedded and used for lead capturing. (Seller Websites, Buyer Websites, etc).
  • Pre-Screening Sellers – the user will learn how to Pre-Screen sellers by asking them a series of questions to help determine motivation.
  • Google Drive – user will learn how to create folders, documents, and spreadsheets in Google Drive. They will also know how to share, collaborate and organize company files inside GDrive.
  • Google Voice – user will learn how to create a new Google Voice account, even if the phone number is already linked to an existing account. They’ll be able to follow up on Missed calls using Google Voice/text messaging.  User will also be able to configure GV account settings, and install the Google “CallMe” widget.
  • Google Calendar – User will learn how to use Google Calendar for time management purposes. They’ll also be able to share and manage other people’s calendars.
  • Yellow Letter Marketing – user is able to order a yellow letter marketing campaign. They’re knowledgeable of the correct language, ink color, etc to use in a yellow letter campaign.
  • Godfather CRM – user is and practice many tasks involving the use of Godfather CRM. They learn tasks in the sellers, buyer, transactions, and marketing campaign modules.
  • Tracking Campaigns – user is able to demonstrate the ability to track down a seller lead to a marketing campaign, and link that lead to the campaign in the CRM.
  • Godfather CRM Reports – user is able to create, schedule, and deliver business specific reports that will reveal analytics of your real estate business.
  • Simple Crew – user will learn how to use and manage a team on the SimpleCrew application. (Bandit Sign Campaign Management)
  • Bandit Signs – user is able to design and order 18 x 24 corrugated plastic bandit Signs along with the stakes.
  • Bandit Sign Placement – user is able to recruit, hire,train and pay someone to put out your bandit Signs.
  • Email Marketing – user is able to create an autoresponder series in Zoho Campaigns that can be used for follow up messages for your sellers.
  • Property Inspections – user is able to recruit, hire, train, and manage people to do property inspections for you. This will include photos and completing a rehab estimate form. Great for virtual wholesalers.
  • Contracts – user is able to create seller and buyer purchase and sale agreements.
  • Facebook Advertising – user is able to install Facebook tracking pixels onto your seller and/or buyer website for purposes of retarget marketing.
  • Image Design – user is bale to create beautiful images for Social media, marketing and advertising of properties using
  • Transaction Coordination – user is able to order title work, schedule closings, request HUDS, and communicate with buyers and sellers in regards to closings.
  • Marketing of Properties – user is able to market properties for sale on Craigslist, Backpage, and other various sites.
  • Mailing Lists – user has a basic knowledge of mailing list creation by extracting important data from websites.  They can also create spreadsheets that can be used to produce campaigns.

Answers To Your Questions..

We offer only the BEST of the BEST virtual assistant training to our real estate investors.

We wouldn’t have anything other than the best on our team, and would expect you to want nothing less. When you understand the concept of outsourcing and automating as a real estate investor, then you’ve fully encompassed what it means to be a true entrepreneur.

The Property M.O.B. training academy helps your virtual assistant understand the business of real estate wholesaling and/or creative real estate investing.  Once they’ve completed the training, they’ll already have built a foundation with the knowledge they need to help your business succeed.

Enrollment into the academy means that you have access to all of the training material instantly.  You can send your virtual assistant through the training, and use the academy as a resource when they need help with a task, or when you hire someone new.

Enrollment into the academy means that you’ll never have to train another Virtual Assistant again.  You will always have this as a tool to use in your business.

The training academy uses Godfather CRM (Zoho CRM) platform in the training.  however, we understand that alot of investors use other platforms, such as Podio or Freedomsoft. We’ve found that the transition into these platforms is quite smooth, and the trainees have an easy time making the adjustment (especially to Podio).
It is certain that noone will stick around forever, which is why we’re offering lifetime access to the VA training Academy.  You’ll be able to send as many people though the training academy as you wish. If you need special training on one task, or ALL of the tasks, just tell them where to get the training they need!

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