We’ve developed the ultimate tool to estimate rehab costs on your properties. It’s called the Rehab Estimator Tool. Rather than telling you how awesome it is, let’s see it in action.


  • Estimates Repair Costs on Properties
  • Results Displayed Instantly on Screen
  • Itemized PDF Report Delivered to Inbox
  • Accurate and Reliable Estimates of Repairs
  • Unlimited Reports and Estimates
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What is The Rehab Estimator Tool?

  • Access from Desktop, laptop, mobile device, and tablets
  • Answer simple questions while costs calculate automatically in the background
  • Instant Estimate of repairs displayed on your screen
  • Itemized Repair Cost Report Emailed Instantly to your Inbox

Why Should You Use The Rehab Estimator Tool?

  • Instant and Accurate Estimates of Rehab Costs
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Professional Itemized Reports Sent To your Email Inbox
  • Use Results When Negotiating with Sellers
  • Share Results with Buyers to Help Make Decisions

You can finally stop wondering if you made the right offer to sellers when you estimate repairs accurately in seconds.  The rehab estimator tool will deliver accurate repair costs by simply answering simple questions about the property that you’re looking at.

This tool is perfect for newbies, veterans, and even hired property inspectors who may have never even been inside of a Home Depot. It’s literally that easy to use.

Get instant access today for a one time fee, and start making your offers more professional and MORE ACCURATE!

Rehab Estimator Matched Contractor Bid!

Rehab Estimator worked great! I met my contractor at house and used the tool. He said 30k and Estimator said 29,600. Makes my life easier. Thanks property mob for this fantastic tool.

Brian Thompson

Dani Lynn Robison

“I’ll be using this tool as one of my items that set us apart when dealing with buyers. Thanks for the cool tool.”

Rehab Estimator Tool

I like the rehab estimation tool. It is a very handy tool especially when I’m an out of state investor for estimating the rehab for my investors

The craziest thing real estate investors do is spend alot of time trying to manually determine repair costs on a property.  The results aren't scientific. Why not use a tool that was designed to make your job ALOT easier?

Rehab Estimator Tool makes that possible, and takes away rookie mistakes. You really can't afford not to use this tool if you're a real estate investor.

Order Now for $95.00 and Get Instant Access

ClearLice-Guaranteed-Money-Back30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

We're so sure that the Rehab Estimator Tool will help your business that we're offering an unconditional, NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason the Rehab Estimator Tool doesn't satisfy you in any way, or you're not happy with the results that you get, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and we'll refund you right away.

Give it a try...you have NOTHING to lose!