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Top 3 Mailing Lists


It’s no surprise that it’s challenging to generate motivated seller leads. If you’re just starting out or been in the business for years, we can all agree that the “key” to success as a real estate wholesaler is the ability to generate leads.

There’s plenty of people who will give you advice that, quite frankly, don’t know what they’re doing. That’s a scary thought if you’re looking for answers or on a small budget. I can understand what you’re seeking. I was also in your shoes at one time.

Discover the Top 3 Mailing lists that you can focus on to generate the leads you need to close more deals!

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Having nearly 20 years of experience, I’ve tested nearly every mailing list that’s known to man [or woman in my case]. What it all boils down to, is this….there’s a handful of lists that you can allocate your money to that is always going to product well. It’s those that you can always depend on to deliver the goods.

Now, I want to help you discover the top 3 mailing lists that every real estate investor should be mailing to in this free online training. Stop wasting your money on lists that don’t work and learn what does!

During this online training, you’ll discover…

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How to Select the Most Qualified People to Mail To

So many people, so little time. Learn how to select only the BEST list of potential sellers

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Pre-Screening Sellers 7 Days in Advance

Learn how you can start pre-screening your sellers before they ever call you!

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Discover why Absentee Owners are the Most Commonly Used list (and the Worst Choice)

Here’s what people are saying

Kent Maerki

Very informative webinar; I really like your style; it’s easy to understand.

Janelle McLeod

Watched your webinar training and loved the 3 big list you shared that we should target (instead of targeting absentees).

Property MOB is the Real Deal

I was very impressed with you presentation and actually doing what you said in the beginning. Too often we hear, after spending a large portion of the one thing we can’t get back, you are prompted to pay or join and then get the initial answer you were offered. You did what you said and gave your opinion of the best lists. Great job!!


I think you just helped me out tremendously.  I was just about to market to absentee owners but after listening to your presentation, I think I’m going to try what you just presented.
I’m not a wholesaler but a fix and hold buyer.  Thank you so much for doing this webinar!

Discover How to Generate the Most Leads with the Least Amount of Money

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