Before you move on to the top 5 Must haves… I have to tell you that everything on this list, every essential you need for the best year yet, is available in one big package we are calling… The Whole Enchilada.

You can get access to the Key Training Program, Your very own V.A., Godfather CRM, Virtual Coaching and your first month of Membership all in one bundle for only $2,495. Start your year off right and get your whole enchilada now!

Godfather CRM

Godfather CRM is a tool used by hundreds of real estate investors to organize, automate and scale the way they do business! Every real estate investor needs a powerful CRM in their business to achieve greater results, and Godfather is exactly that! It’s simple, easy and ready to use instantly!

Let 2018 be the year of maximizing every opportunity and scaling your business with Godfather CRM!

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Virtual Assistant 

Set bigger and better goals for yourself this year! But, in order to achieve these goals… every real estate investors needs a real estate Virtual Assistant to help you organize, automate and scale your business. Hire a V.A. and hand over those time sucking tasks that take up way too much of your day and prevent you from doing what you want to do most… make more money!  Let your V.A. handle many of your tasks relating to lead generation, marketing and administrative tasks!

Spend more time this year doing what you WANT to do!

Read more about it here.  (You pay hourly rate of just $5.95 per hour with this promotion)

Virtual Coaching

Become a Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaler this year! With Property M.O.B.’s Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program, you’ll get the best real estate training with an immediate action plan for each training module that will guide you through each and every step of the real estate wholesaling process. You’ll learn, implement, and firmly establish your real estate wholesaling business, coming out stronger, more educated, and confident.

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M.O.B. Membership

This is the year to become a Member of the M.O.B! When you become a member today, you will be taking the next big step in becoming the best real estate investor you can be. You get instant access to over 100 courses that range from newbie to advanced level. Use your personal e-coach to get answers on where to take your business during 2018. Utilize the rehab estimator tool to get instant rehab estimates and stop paying too much. Get access to the Secret Facebook Group and steadily advance!

This is the year to grow yourself as an investor and the M.O.B. membership is exactly the way to do that!

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The Key

Did you put off automating your business all of 2017? Spend 5 weeks in 2018, and fully automate your real estate business so you can close more deals by only working an hour a day! When you eliminate minutia from your life, you have time to focus on more things that MAKE YOU MONEY! There won’t be any more haggling with those tasks that drive you crazy. This year, you’re going to build an infrastructure for your company that will change your life and your bottom line.

Stop wasting time and start running your business like a true business owner!

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Are you ready to kick your year off right? For today only, January 1st, we are giving you the whole Enchilada for only $2,495. You can get your top 5 essentials in one big bundle. You get a V.A, The Key Automation Training, Godfather CRM, Virtual Coaching and your first month of membership included in this package.

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