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Welcome to the Property MOB Assistant Program

Thank you for choosing Property MOB to provide your Virtual Assistant Services. Please read all of the information on this page so you'll know the action that will be taken next to get you connected to your new Virtual Assistant.

Download our Welcome Packet and take the time to review it.

Billing Details

  • There is a MINIMUM of 10 hours per week to use one of our Virtual Assistants. There are no exceptions.
  • The hourly rate for our Virtual Assistants is $7.95 per hour (admins)
  • The setup fee is NON REFUNDABLE
  • If the payment fails, then your VA will be advised NOT to report to work until the billing method has been resolved.
  • There is a MINIMUM 7 day notice of cancellations. All Cancellation requests must be confirmed by a member of our staff in writing.

You'll get an invite to our Hubstaff account and added to a Project with your VA upon request only.

What to Expect

Our [Adminstrative] Virtual Assistants have gone through 80 hours of training through the Property MOB Virtual Assistant Training Academy. What this means is that they've gained a basic knowledge of real estate investing, lead generation, lead management, marketing, and closing coordination. There's no "one size fits all" assistant anywhere. Each one needs to be taught how you handle your business on a day to day basis.

You can expect that you'll need to provide instructions on how to use your specific tools, websites and programs on a day to day basis. Give the VA time to get used to your way of doing businesses before you give them their final "grade". Just like with any new hire, there is a learning curve. You're basically just hiring someone with some training or what we like to call as Associates's Degree in Creative Real Estate.

Assigning Tasks To Your New Virtual Assistant

A lot of investors that are hiring a VA for the first time aren't sure what tasks to assign to the VA. They just know that they SHOULD be assigning tasks. Be sure to check out your Welcome Packet for some ideas on what type of tasks your administrative assistant can do for you. Or more easily, just remember: if it can be done sitting in front of a computer, then your VA can do it.

There are numerous methods that our investor clients use to assign tasks to their VA's. Typically it's through the use of a CRM. Most of our VA's are familiar with Godfather CRM, Podio, Freedomesoft, and REI Simple.

Start practicing assigning tasks to your VA using the CRM. its the best way to keep track of when the task was assigned, and if it got completed on time.

Providing Instructions and/or Training for your Virtual Assistant

Although your VA has been through our training academy and even possibly has years of experience working with investors, there's certainly something that you'll need to provide training for.

It's recommended that you create step-by-step instructions in writing OR via recorded video tutorials to provide to your new hire. This will give them a reference point to be able to complete the task without assistance from you in the future.

Your VA Team Leader

As an added benefit of using a Property MOB Virtual Assistant, you'll have a team leader assigned to your project. This person will be your point of contact in the event an issue that needs escalation arises, there's a billing issue, or you have questions about our VA program.

You should've received an email from the Team Leader when you ordered.

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