Finally, an arsenal of training, resources, and networking for real estate wholesalers

of every level that’s all in one place

Dear Real Estate Investors,


Are you tired of trying to piece together all of the guru’s systems into one perfect business? That can send you into a whirlwind of confusion. And you may never get the end result that you’re looking for.


Property M.O.B. has a systematic and highly organized approach to launching and managing a successful real estate business, and it can all be implemented by following the techniques that are taught to the Members of the MOB. When you become a part of this awesome community and dive into the extensive library of training material, you’ll be on your way to being a smarter, richer, and more efficient business owner.


Regardless of your level of experience in the business, you can benefit when you become a member today. The training ranges from level: newbie all the way to expert: automating and organizing your business.


When I first started out in this business in 1998, there wasn’t a place to go for all of the resources and connections that I needed to become the best wholesaler in my market. It was a bit frustrating and overwhelming to try to learn everything and if I asked different people the same question, I would get different answers.  I didn’t know which advice to follow.  


That’s when I decided to develop a resourceful community for real estate investors. A place where you can come to find the answers you need, from people who have the experience to provide their knowledge.  The Property M.O.B. isn’t just a website with training courses.  It’s a tight knit community of like-minded people who are all striving to be the BEST that they can be…. who want to run their business like professionals, and who want to increase their profits to reach their maximum potential.


When you become a member of the M.O.B., you will have the opportunity to become part of this community.  You’ll benefit by networking with other investors. And utilizing the training library that’s constantly being updated on the Members site.


Join today, and start your journey into an expert knowledge base, training courses, and awesome community of real estate investors!

Tight-Knit Mobsters
Hours of Training

Founder and CEO of Property MOB, Tracy Caywood provides most of the training content for the Mobsters. She has closed 800+ real estate wholesale transactions since 1998 when she started in the business. No woman personifies the real estate mob more than Tracy Caywood, a.k.a. ” The Flamingo”. A sharp-tongued Jacksonville Florida native with enough sass and guts to tackle any seller or buyer of real estate.

Incredible Training Courses

As a Property M.O.B. Member, you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to our entire library of 97 step-by-step training guides. You can use these “operating manuals” to capitalize on tested and proven marketing strategies and campaigns. We add new courses regularly so your library is always growing!


  • Hiring an Acquisition Manager

  • Hiring a Sales Manager

  • Outsourcing Property Inspections

  • Managing Seller Leads on Auto Pilot

  • Using Zapier to Automate your Business

  • Manage Buyers On Auto Pilot

  • How to Handle Incoming Seller Calls

  • Managing Offers from Buyers

  • Assigning Due Diligence to your VA

  • One Click Contract Prep

  • How to Use Cloud Based Services in a Real Estate Team

  • How to Scale your Real Estate Business

  • Hot Diggity Bird Dog System

  • Pre-Screen Sellers in 3 seconds Flat using Scoring Rules

  • Motivated Seller Ghost Machine

  • Rehab Estimator Tool

  • How to $ Pay $ Someone Via Text Message or Email

  • PatLive Phone Script

  • Using HelloSign with Cloud Services (i.e. Dropbox)

  • Direct Mail Automation

  • HelloSign: Paperless Transactions

  • Follow Up Automation


  • Generating Seller Leads Using Google Ads

  • How to Dominate the Probate Market in 3 Easy Steps

  • Earn SERIOUS Passive Income with Lease Options

  • Chad Bartlett – The 2016 BOSS

  • Interview with 2016 MOB BOSS Terry Royce

  • Adam and Shannon Niemiec

  • Interview with Justin Atkinson RE: Infinite Banking Strategies

  • Interview with Obi Dorsey : The Fastest Salesman in the South

  • Interview with a Mobster; Andrew Christie

  • Open Discussion

  • Big’ Pimpin’ in Detroit with Steve Londeau

  • Real Estate Tax Strategies with John Hyre

  • How to Add $100k To Your Account With Wholetail Deals

  • YouTube Video Marketing Domination: Interview with Adrian Dnez

  • Special guest: JEFF WATSON Investing with Roth IRA

  • REBO Gateway Mailing Lists


  • How to Handle Incoming Seller Calls

  • How to Make Intelligent Offers to Sellers

  • How To Build A Credibility Kit

  • Structuring Owner Financed Deals with Sellers

  • Negotiating Techniques

  • How to Add $100k To Your Account With Wholetail Deals

  • How to Find a Private Lender and Get the Cash You Need

  • Why You Should Never Pay More Than MAO

  • Top Dog Negotiating Tips

  • Power Negotiating Hacks with Sellers

  • The Hidden Assignment Fee

  • MAO Cheat Sheet

  • Contract Package

  • Motivated Seller Keywords

  • The $500 Marketing Plan

  • How to Use HelloSign

  • How to Create Templates in HelloSign

  • Making Offers Over the Phone

  • What to Say To Sellers (Pre-Screening)

  • How to Wholesale Houses Like the M.O.B.

  • Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program


  • Creating and Optimizing Ad Campaigns Using Facebook Ads

  • Using Click2Mail

  • Creating Facebook Ads

  • How to Use A Marketing Calendar

  • Generating Seller Leads Using Google Ads

  • How to Find Hidden Gem Sellers using a Sneaky Little Skip Tracing Secret

  • Know Your Numbers

  • Retargeting Website Visitors Through Facebook Ads

  • Mastering the Basics of SEO

  • How to Market and Sell properties in 24 Hours to your Buyer List

  • Listing Your Contracts in the MLS

  • Everything Mailing Lists! [With Tracy Caywood and Steve Londeau]

  • 15 Point Marketing Checklist

  • Social Media Engagement Grid

  • Bandit Sign Conversion Training Kit

  • Marketing To Buyers on Facebook

  • Postcard Templates

  • Using Craigslist Ads to Build a Buyers List

  • Hidden Treasures in Quit Claim Deeds

  • Break into the MLS Market

  • The $500 Marketing Plan

  • Direct Mail Follow Up Formula

  • Direct Mail Automation

  • Postcard Marketing

Who should join the MOB?


If you’re brand new to the business of real estate wholesaling, and looking for accurate and reliable information, then this is the place for you. There’s alot of garbage out there, and plenty of advice that you shouldn’t take.  You can trust in us to get you through your first real estate deals.

Advanced Wholesalers

If you’re an established real estate wholesaler who is familiar and comfortable with the process of real estate wholesaling, and are ready to take your business to the next level, the M.O.B. is for you. We’re dedicated to helping you organise and automate your business so that you can focus on the money making tasks, not the every day minutia.

Mobsters Lounge

Ask questions, network and exchange ideas with smart, generous real estate investors right inside of our Secret Facebook Group, The Mobsters Lounge.  Access to this page is worth the cost of membership. Join the M.O.B. and get access to an engaged, active and intelligent group of real estate investors.  No soliciting, no whining, and no garbage. AND What happens in the Lounge, STAYS IN THE LOUNGE.

What Our Members Are Saying

“The M.O.B’s just awesome.”

“The M.O.B’s just awesome. Plain and simple. It’s a close, tight-knit group. No stupid advertisements for Guru tapes, or Leads lists. It’s just 100% content, 100% of the time. There’s a list of files a MILE long to help you in your RE biz!” – Jim Iorio

I was a seasoned investor already, having been in business for 7 years before joining the MOB. I’ve learned a lot of new tips and tricks, I’ve improved my business and my life since joining Tracy’s group. Mobsters are no B.S., no sugar coating, tough love and great motivation. If you’re new or experienced the Property M.O.B. can make YOU a bad ass investor!!”
Steve Londeau
The MOBS premium membership is the best way to get valuable information when you need it… It has helped me go from making zero dollars in Real Estate to making Nine Grand ($9K) in just two months. If you are not in the MOB your already dead! Joining the MOB has been one of the best decisions I have made in Real Estate!
Dustin Phillips
Since joining the Property Mob I have recharged my desire to stay in real estate and become the kick ass investor I am!! The Mob keeps it real and no matter your skill level always has something to teach you. Tracy is the real deal. She not only works her business but is here to help others. On those days that I can just say screw it I get on the site or the FB page and one of the mobsters smack me upside my head and remind me to pull up my big girl panties and get those deals done. LOVE the MOB!!!
Laurie Johnson

Property M.O.B. is much more than just a bunch of training courses! It’s your new home.  We’ve built and nurtured the coolest online community for real estate wholesalers – a tightly knit group of passionate people who are all committed to each other’s success