Top 5 Most Asked Questions By Real Estate Newbies

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Real estate newbies have so many questions.. Look no Further! HELP IS HERE!!

Seller Knows Its Worth More, But Agrees to My Price

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I think you'll like this one. I originally offered the seller $15k for the property. He absolutely refused.  Then, I called him back and left him a message saying that I could increase my offer.  This is his return call, and the conversation that we had. Enjoy!

How To Keep Constant Flow of Motivated Seller Leads

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It's every real estate investor's dream to keep a constant flow of motivated seller leads.  The challenge is knowing how to do that. It's a one word answer: CONSISTENCY!   Here's what happens (and it happens to everyone at one point).  You get all ramped up for a new campaign [...]

Here’s What a Motivated Seller Sounds Like (AUDIO)

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If you listen to this call, the seller says a SLEW of the TRIGGER keywords.  This indicates immediately that she's a motivated seller. Another good indicator is the long pause after I asked her the question about price.  Listen to this audio and GET EXCITED! There's more Actual [...]

Real Estate Buyers List | It’s Not as Important As You Think

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Has some very intelligent guru told you that you need to build a real estate buyers list BEFORE you start marketing for seller leads?  Maybe they said that you need to know what kind of properties your buyers want, so you can "target" those kinds of properties for them, right? [...]

How to Generate Seller Leads for Free

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Did I say Free? Yes, you heard me right.  There are ways to generate motivated seller leads for free. When you get started (or have already been doing this business for some time) you need one of two things to generate leads. You either need time or money. Spending your [...]

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