Have you been thinking that you need to hire a virtual assistant? Your primary job as a wholesaler is to make offers to sellers, get contracts signed, and assign your most awesome deals to another investor for a profit.  There are certainly many other steps that are needed to make this all happen –  from generating leads all the way to the actual closing itself. There will definitely come a time in your career as a real estate wholesaler where you’ll want (and need) to hire a virtual assistant to do all of the administrative tasks that are required of a real estate transaction. That is, if you take the business seriously.

I’m a control freak. It was hard for me to give up tasks.  I thought that noone could do them as good as me.  Yes, I know.  It’s egotistical to think that way. But I’m very detail oriented in my work, and a bit of perfectionist.  (Who’da thunk it.) It took me more than 10 years of wholesaling to FINALLY come to terms that I could let some of this minutia go.   I am SO glad I did.

When you’ve made a decision to hire a virtual assistant, there are alot of options that you can take.  My personal favorite is to hire someone from another country using oDesk.com.  I’m sure that last sentence is enough to piss ALOT of Americans off. I don’t care.  It’s the way of the world, my friends.  If you don’t agree with outsourcing to the Philippines, then filter your hiring criteria for United States candidates only.  Just don’t cry to me when they call-in sick, don’t perform the tasks, and are full of lame excuses. Sorry.

hire a virtual assistant

So when its time to hire a virtual Assistant (a.k.a. VA) there are many things to consider. I’ll tell you what I know about oDesk, and you can decide from there. You may even be able to take the information to another site and find it helpful.

Follow these steps when you Hire a Virtual Assistant

First, run an ad for a Job Posting.

Watch this short Jing Video on how to Run a Simple Ad on oDesk to hire a Virtual Assistant.

Here is an ad that you can run on oDesk.com when you hire a Virtual Assistant:

Hourly Rate: $1.00 – $4.00 per hourBusy real estate investor/entepreneur is seeking a personal assistant to help with daily administrative tasks.  These tasks include (but are not limited to):
  • Performs Quick CMA and Full CMA Reports
  • Does Text message Follow Up for all Missed Calls on Google Voice
  • Researches and Prepares Mailing Lists (Unsafe Structures, Delinquent Taxes)
  • Updates Website with Status of Sold Properties to Pending and Sold
  • Confirms that all Google Voice Numbers are working properly (every Friday)
  • Prepares Contracts and Amendmentss
  • Sets and Confirms Appointments with Sellers and Buyers
  • Tracks Marketing Campaigns in Zoho
  • Orders Marketing Campaigns
  • Prepares and organizes closings
  • Confirms Daily Appointments
  • Sends SMS text Message Blast to SMS Subscribers
  • Adds New Subscribers (Buyers) to Email List
  • Processes front End Contracts
  • Orders Title Work
  • Adds Properties to Website 
  • Adds Properties to the MLS
  • Update Zoho CRM
  • Coordinates Closing with Buyer and Seller
  • Request HUD Closing Statements prior to Closing
  • Updates the MLS with Pending/Sold Status
  • Communicates with Buyer Regarding Closing 
  • Files all paperwork in Dropbox and keeps files organized.
  • Many other misc tasks.
Training is provided for the right person. To apply for this job:  
Visit the following website: www.WeBuyInJax.com and review the content on the website so that you have an understanding of what it is that I do. THEN, record a 2 minute video of yourself explaining what my company does, and how I can help a seller out of a troubled situation.  IN the video, act like you’re talking to an actual seller about the company that you work for. This can be an unlisted YouTube video, but it mus be at least 2 minutes long. I may choose several people for this job, and even refer you to come fellow investors if I don’t choose you myself. So please, read the instructions carefully before applying. It is essential in our hiring process.

Skills Required

  • virtual-assistant

Preferred Qualifications

Hourly Rate: $5.00/hr – $7.00/hr
English Level: Fluent in written, good verbal skills

Some skills that I require from applicants when I hire a virtual assistant are:  some knowledge in real estate, Word, Excel, WordPress, Telephone Skills, Ability to speak and communicate in English, organizational skills, and SKYPE. (for instant communications throughout the day).

Pre-Screening Applicants

Immediately after posting the ad, you’ll start to get replies from candidates.  You have to be careful about these candidates.  Most of them haven’t even read the job description and have no experience whatsoever.  If you click on each one and read their message, you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll get candidates that are CGI Programmers applying for the job as an assistant . I think they must have some software that replies to every job posting offered.

It will take about a 3 – 4 days for you to get the majority of the applicants for this job. As you read the application from each candidate, and before you hire a virtual assistant, be sure to review their feedback scores and comments from other employers.  Also check their credentials.  Choose your favorite ones and put them in your “shortlist” (its an oDesk thang). I like to narrow down my candidate list to about 10 people to interview.

Check out this quick video on how I quickly eliminate candidates.

The Interview Process

Once I have my 10 candidates chosen, I’ll send each one of them a personal message through oDesk (an interview) the very same task. I will have them go to my seller website, and my buyer website and review it. Then, I ask them to record a 2 minute video, explaining what it is that  we do as investors, and why someone would want to do business with us.  Give them a deadline to complete this simple task. If they can complete this task to my satisfaction, they’ve made it past the first hurdle of idiot elimination (being able to follow simple instructions). This sounds crazy, but 7 out of 10 candidates won’t perform this task. DO NOT CONSIDER THEM ANY FURTHER.

Here is the email that I send them:

Hi! I am interested in hiring you for my Virtual Assistant Position (Real Estate).  I would like for you to perform the following task: Visit my website; www.webuyinjax.com .Read through the information that is on the website.

Then record a video that is at least 2 minutes long, describing what we do, as if you were talking to a seller of real estate.  Tell me how long we have been in business, what kind of houses we buy, why it is better to sell your house to us than to use a Realtor, and what they need to do if they want to sell their house Fast.  Then, send me the link to the video to:  Please complete this interview requirement by :
April 1, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. EST Thank You.

The reason behind this task is plain.  I want to hear their English speaking skills and I want to see if they can pick up on what it is that we do quickly, and be able to explain it to someone else. If they can do this, then they’re good candidates. They may say something stupid a time or two, and that’s ok.  The point is for them to get the basic idea of what’s going on in your business.

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Once you’ve chosen the candidate that you think will do the best job, just click on the HIRE button. It will then prompt you to enter the details of the job, like the maximum number of hours per week you ‘ll allow, when the job starts, which team you want this new hire on, etc. Once you hire the virtual assistant, you can start training them right away and assigning them simple tasks.

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