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What is a Tire Kicker?

Tire Kicker:  Someone who is indecisive about purchasing a product or service, and never feels satisfied with what they are offered. In the end a…
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Proof of Funds Letter

Proof of Funds Letter DId a seller ask you for a proof of funds letter? My guess is that they probably didn’t. Unless, of course,…
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flipping reo

Pre-Screening Motivated Sellers

Pre Screening Motivated Sellers can be intimidating sometimes.  They have something that you want.  You need to know exactly what to say to them to…
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Should I Use RVM to Generate Leads?

Real Estate Wholesaling (assignment of contract) has been an income-producing activity for real estate investors for nearly 100 years. The ability to assign your interest…
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Why Occupied Houses Suck

After 1,000+ houses in my real estate wholesaling career so far, I’m going to state a fact that is true in all circumstances. Wholesaling occupied…
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seller lead funnels

Seller Lead Funnels

Seller lead funnels are one of the areas that I’m always fine tuning. In this post, I show you an inside look at my seller…
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Do Your Due Diligence People

What is Due Diligence? Due Diligence is the process of researching information about a particular situation before entering into any agreement to buy or sell.…
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The Nickname Calendar

This is the latest tactic Jim is trying to organize his time, his business, and his life. He calls it: The Nickname Calendar.
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We’re All In BIGGGG Trouble

Attention: Is thee buy houses trademark infringement a hoax?? Some things stop me dead in my tracks.  Not many, but some.  THIS is definitely one…
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