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How to Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List

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Wholesaling properties is easy, once you learn the ropes.  For new investors (and even some seasoned investors), the technical issues of flipping properties, like building a real estate cash buyers list, can get in the way of success.  Sometimes all it takes it to hear a "nugget" of information to make [...]

Bandit Sign Scandal

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BANDIT SIGN SCANDAL NEWS: This post originally started in August 2012 when I received my first violation from the City of Jacksonville for putting out bandit sign. So first, you'll read about that and even get some details on how I was found out, and the outcome.  Secondly, this [...]

Da Homies Buy Houses Too, Yo!

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We were heading to Home Depot to get some pressure treated wood to build some adirondack chairs, and saw this bandit sign. This is hilarious!!   Posted with Blogsy

MOB Real Estate | How Many Leads Does it Take to Get a Deal?

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If you have out with the MOB real estate becomes second nature!   How many leads does it take to get to a motivated seller?  If you're doing marketing to generate leads, dont get frustrated until you watch this video and find out just how many times the phone needs to [...]

Signs are a Violation..so What?

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I don't know why I never get busted by the city. But Bandit Signs are the best way to generate seller leads. Signs are a Violation..so What?

Is Credibility Important To Sellers?

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The question does come up from some skeptical sellers: "Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?".  How do you answer that? What if you are a newbie and just getting started - and you're talking to your very first seller - and they pop this crazy ass question [...]

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