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Seller Knows Its Worth More, But Agrees to My Price

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I think you'll like this one. I originally offered the seller $15k for the property. He absolutely refused.  Then, I called him back and left him a message saying that I could increase my offer.  This is his return call, and the conversation that we had. Enjoy!

How To Keep Constant Flow of Motivated Seller Leads

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It's every real estate investor's dream to keep a constant flow of motivated seller leads.  The challenge is knowing how to do that. It's a one word answer: CONSISTENCY!   Here's what happens (and it happens to everyone at one point).  You get all ramped up for a new campaign [...]

Here’s What a Motivated Seller Sounds Like (AUDIO)

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If you listen to this call, the seller says a SLEW of the TRIGGER keywords.  This indicates immediately that she's a motivated seller. Another good indicator is the long pause after I asked her the question about price.  Listen to this audio and GET EXCITED! There's more Actual [...]

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