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When to Start Using Automated Real Estate Systems

2019-08-15T11:52:11-05:00 By |Categories: Real Estate Automation|Tags: , , , , |

The idea of automating your real estate business sounds intriguing, doesn't it? But when is the right time for YOU to start using automated real estate systems?

Real Estate Acronyms Guide for Wholesalers [Explicit]

2019-08-15T11:52:14-05:00 By |Categories: Real Estate Wholesaling Fundmentals|Tags: , , |

There’s plenty of real estate acronyms and jargon to learn. Some of them are a little weird, I admit.  That’s why I’ve created this cool little M.O.B. Dictionary filled with Wholesaler jargon that you can use as a pocket guide to help you decipher what everyone is talking about.  [...]

REAL DEAL: My Biggest Assignment Fee in 17 Years of Wholesaling Houses

2019-08-15T11:52:17-05:00 By |Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , , , |

This could be my favorite post that I ever make to the REAL DEAL category of the MOB website. It's kinda hard to get me excited these days about a wholesale deal. I mean after seeing 600 of them, they all sorta run together. But this one stands out in [...]

2014 Lead Generation Statistics

2019-08-15T11:52:21-05:00 By |Categories: Real Estate Marketing|Tags: , , , , , |

How much money did I have to spend to close a deal in 2014? How much was every phone call worth to me? Find out now in the 2014 Lead Generation Statistic Report

Face Your Fears

2019-08-15T11:52:32-05:00 By |Categories: Entertainment|Tags: , , , |

Excuses. How many excuses can you list for why you haven’t reached your goals, why you won't face your fears?  The gap between where you are now and where you want to be is filled with excuses.  You’ve been using them your whole life.  You’re tired.  You’re stressed.  You’re [...]

What to do if the seller doesn’t have enough equity?

2019-08-15T11:53:17-05:00 By |Categories: Real Estate Wholesaling Fundmentals|Tags: , , , , |

Your Name Bob City and State Burlington,Ky What's Your Question for the M.O.B.? I got a lead from Craigslist. The spread is too thin to wholesale but I would still like to create a win/win. I am trying to set an appointment to see the house tomorrow. I'm told that [...]

How Much of a Binder Deposit Should I Give?

2019-08-15T11:53:28-05:00 By |Categories: Real Estate Wholesaling Fundmentals|Tags: , |

What amount of money can you use as a "good faith deposit" to hold the Property under contract? Lucky for me, I live in the Sunshine State of Florida, and $0.00 is required to make a real estate contract enforceable.  Therefore, I offer $0.00 as a binder deposit on all [...]

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