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Are you an experienced wholesaler seeking to define your real estate wholesaling automation system? Property M.O.B. is the ideal place to start. Tons of information and resources on how you can start making the shift from employee to business owner.

Tech Tip – Slack For Real Estate Investors

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Here's a useful Tech Tip For Real Estate Investors that could work in any Real Estate business. It’s called Slack. Never heard of it? Learn more about it here!

Do You Even Follow Up, Bro?!

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Is your desk littered with post-it notes to follow up with people? If that's the case, I think you're in need of some help.

Avoid the Quicksand [By Jim Iorio]

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You think you’re growing, and making the right move for your business, but it may be getting you in further over your head.

The Nickname Calendar

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This is the latest tactic Jim is trying to organize his time, his business, and his life. He calls it: The Nickname Calendar.

Goodbye to our friend, Lauren

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November 1st 2017, Lauren Ficke passed away. This is a tribute to her and the impact she had on our lives and our business.

Property MOB’s Negotiating Blueprint in Godfather CRM

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Watch this video to see a demo of the new negotiating blueprint!

Is it time to hire an acquisition manager?

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Thinking about hiring an acquisition manager? Find out if it's the right time for you.

3 Tragic Real Estate Automation Mistakes Wholesalers Make When Automating Their Business

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Are you making these mistakes? Find out now!

How to Buy Houses on Auto Pilot

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I'm sharing a mind map that'll teach you how to buy houses on auto pilot. This is your next step.

New Tool for Estimating Rehab Costs

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Having a hard time trying to estimate rehab costs? I found this new tool to help us get through this together!

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