So how long DOES it take to fully set up real estate automation for your business?


It’s hard for me to answer that question because it’s been a process that I’ve implemented over time.  When I started setting up real estate automation for the business in 2010, it really wasn’t a “thing” to automate.  I just knew that I was tired of looking at junky houses, tired of talking to sellers, and tired of the paperwork shuffle.  I really wanted to find a way to maintain the level of income I was making, without having to be married to the phones and the work.


Oh, wait!  Did you think that being a real estate investor or house flipper meant that you don’t have to work? HAHA.  Hell no. That is NOT what real estate automation means. It’s actually A LOT of work to run a successful real estate business.  It’s not easy.  If it were, then everyone would do it.

Now let’s add real estate automation into the equation.  A totally new dynamic.  A new world.  A new way of operating.  Are you sure you’re ready for that?  OK, then let’s continue…..

Automation requires commitment.  It’s not something that will happen overnight. If you’re running a wholesaling business right now, then you probably have certain ways of doing things. When you begin to automate a real estate business, you have to be willing to adopt new ways of handling things.  You must be willing to step aside and let someone else do it for you.  That’s really the biggest challenge of real estate automation.   Not for the faint of heart.


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And final thought before I get into the time requirements for full automation…..


It’s NOT for newbies!  In order to automate your real estate business you must have a thorough understanding of how the business runs.  What makes it tick. What things are important and what’s not.  You can’t go on a dream of setting up an automated business when you have no idea what you’re doing in the first place.  Just don’t attempt it.  You’ll be really mad in the end.

So let’s talk about how long this whole real estate automation process will take.

How Long Will Real Estate Automation Take To Set Up?

Once you’ve made the decision to automate, that will start the clock ticking at Day 1.  Probably the most overwhelming day of your life will be when you decide to set up real estate automation. You’ll be wishing that everything would already been automated or that you could just snap your fingers and be smooth sailing.  Not gonna happen!

Think of this process just like trying to lose 40 pounds.  It’s a long journey, but you know that the only way to get there is to put down those french fries and eat a salad instead. And you’ll have to do that for MONTHS, maybe even YEARS before you’re able to look in the mirror and have lost 40 pounds.

You know that in order to get there, it’s the only way. There’s no shortcut.  There’s no magic button.  Most people fail before they ever put down the french fry, or maybe they eat salad and avocados for 3 days and then decide that it’s too much work.

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Now think about a fully automated real estate business.  If you can see that far into the future, then you know that it’s a long way from where you are right now.  It seems like a lot of hard work. It seems like there would be a magic pill to get you there.  But there’s not!  The only way for you to automate your real estate business is to put down the phone and hand it to someone else.


Then do that for everything that you do.  One thing at a time. Until one day, you’re doing nothing but micro managing the business and depositing checks with an automated real estate system.

I do have a training program called The Key that will considerably speed the process up for you, but there will still be a lot of learning, developing and implementation of the things that you learn to make sure that you create a sustainable business model using real estate automation.

My prediction for someone who is tired of the rat race and deciding to start automating their business is that within 6 – 12 months AFTER the day you decide to start taking action, your business will be running smoothly without you and you can consider yourself a business owner instead of an employee of yourself.

But with every step of the real estate automation implementation process, you’ll feel less pressure and more freedom.  That starts with Day 1. (ok, Day 2 after you’re done feeling overwhelmed) 😉


Now you can understand why I say this is not for newbies.  This is for SERIOUS investors only who understand and accept what a big change this will be for them and are willing to make that commitment.  It’s for serious investors who plan on being around in 6-12 months, and would rather be micro-managing their businesses on a daily basis instead of being stuck in the daily grind of being a real estate investor.


There’s definitely a freedom to working for yourself, but if you’re not automated, then you still won’t offer yourself a day off.


Get automated TODAY and transition to becoming a business owner.

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how long does it take to set up real estate automation?