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My Day As A Marriage Counselor

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As a wholesaler, when you talk to sellers you will end up wearing many hats. Some days you can even find yourself being a marriage counselor!

So You Think You’re An Investor?

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So You Think You're An Investor? Read Jim Iorio's first blog post as a contributor of the M.O.B!

Thoughts for John Paul Moses

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On September 12, 2016, our friend JP was in a head on collision. As I write this, he is in critical condition.

What Property M.O.B. Believes

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Everyone has their beliefs that they proudly stand for, here's what the Property M.O.B. believes in.

This Dweeb will Stop His Truck and Beat Your A$$

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This guy is really pissed off about seeing bandit signs in his neighborhood.

Go Ahead…. Take This Real Estate Quiz for Mobsters Now!

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Take this quiz and find out which mobster you're most like! Don't be scared.

Tatted Up Girl with Country Accent Makes $105k on Virtual Wholesale Deal

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Originally aired on Periscope, this 45 minute video breaks down the details of a virtual vacant land wholesale deal. RELISH IN IT

REAL DEAL: My Biggest Assignment Fee in 17 Years of Wholesaling Houses

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This could be my favorite post that I ever make to the REAL DEAL category of the MOB website. It's kinda hard to get me excited these days about a wholesale deal. I mean after seeing 600 of them, they all sorta run together. But this one stands out in [...]

[Sneak Peek] at the MOB CAVE

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My son Derek joined the U.S. Army right out of high school when he was 17. He's been gone for 3.5 years, stationed at Fort Benning the whole time. I'm thankful that he never got deployed overseas, and did his service here on U.S. soil. When he left for the [...]

How to Get Rich From Diabetic Strips

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I don't know what the hell is wrong with people but all of the sudden I see a new "Diabetic Strips" trend amongst some of these real estate forums that I frequent.  I guess this is some fall back plan people are pushing on newbies if you're not able to make [...]

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