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virtual wholesale

Tatted Up Girl with Country Accent Makes $105k by Virtual Wholesaling The Deal

Originally aired on Periscope, this 45 minute video breaks down the details of a virtual vacant land wholesale deal. RELISH IN IT

Real Estate Real Deal

REAL DEAL: $6,108 Made in 17 Days With an Unexpected Call

What are REAL DEALS by the MOB?  Real deals are actual real estate transactions being conducted by Tracy Caywood.  You can visit the posts to get updates as they progress. They won’t all have a happy ending, but you can see for the first time what REALLY happens in the business.  This is real shit …

REAL DEAL: $6,108 Made in 17 Days With an Unexpected Call Read More »

Snakey Ass Realtors

Snakey Ass Realtors: A Fine Example

So I had a contract with a seller on a total piece of shit house, right? it wasn’t in the ghetto..but it was a piece of shit nonetheless.  As usual, I had a 30 business day contract signed with the seller. I thought I could sell it and make a few thousand dollars at least. …

Snakey Ass Realtors: A Fine Example Read More »

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