Real Estate Investor Marketing

Real Estate Investor Marketing

If you hear it once you’ve heard it a thousand times. You must learn how to master real estate investor marketing. This is the oxygen to your business. This is what will make you the biggest bucks and keep you in business for a long time.

If you depend on anyone other than yourself to generate your leads, you will die a slow death in the business.  Learn how to generate leads with the best real estate investor marketing you can handle.

Should I Use RVM to Generate Leads?

Real Estate Wholesaling (assignment of contract) has been an income-producing activity for real estate investors for nearly 100 years. The ability to assign your interest in a contract isn’t anything new. Ironically, so many people, including real estate professionals who are licensed to practice real estate act as if they’ve never heard of it before. …

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motivated seller leads

Guide to Generate Motivated Seller Leads

Real Estate Marketing is like breathing, it must never stop or you’ll die. There’s some real estate marketing that’s good for wholesale real estate and some that’s not so good.  The only way to really tell the difference is testing.  If you go and buy a Yellow Pages ad for your ‘we buy houses’ business, will …

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