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how to buy and sell houses on auto pilot

How to Buy and Sell Houses on Auto Pilot

Training with Detailed Mindmap on how to Sell your houses on Auto-Pilot! Outsource the process to a VA and let the magic happen.

Wholesale Automation training

Follow Up Automation Training

Learn how to create an automated follow-up system for your sellers using Text, Email, Phone Calls, and Facebook

Hire sales manager

Hiring a Sales Manager

Develop a plan for recruiting, hiring and training a sales manager {disposition} for your team. Learn how to train, how much to pay, and how to retain.

Passive income lease option

Passive Income with Lease Options

Take this course and learn how to make money up front, in the middle, and at the end of every transaction.

probate marketing

Dominate the Probate Market in 3 Easy Steps

Learn the best strategy to use for Personal Representatives and Probate Attorneys. The Probate Market is a gold mine of motivated sellers. Learn how to dominate the market with some simple techniques.

cloud base Services - Real Estate

How to Use Cloud Based Services in a Real Estate Team

Storing and collaborating in the cloud is essential to the success of a team. Find out how to best use cloud based services.

The Key to Wholesaling Automation

The Key - Wholesaling Automation

The Only Proven System for real estate investors That Can Automate Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business. All you need is a Virtual Assistant and a CRM.

How to Add $100k To Your Account With Wholetail Deals

Wholetail Deals- The Hidden Income Source

Discover this exciting exit strategy for those sellers that won’t sell the house for pennies on the dollar, but are willing to give you some equity.

real estate virtual assistant training

Virtual Assistant Training Academy

Professional Training for your Real Estate Virtual Assistant [Specific to Real Estate Investors/Wholesalers]

How to Handle Incoming Seller Calls

How to Handle Incoming Seller Calls

Set up the perfect system for handling your incoming seller leads and have you on your way to managing a stress-free, systemized real estate investing business.

how to build a credibility kit

How To Build A Credibility Kit

Step by step cource on how to build your own credibility kit, what contents should be inside, and even includes a template for you to start building your very own.

Find Private Lender

Find a Private Lender and Get the Cash You Need

Discover how to locate and secure all of the private funding capital you need for your real estate deals.

Available Only With Total Access Pass
hidden assignment fee

The Hidden Assignment Fee

Learn some creative ways to keep the assignment fee out of the spotlight at closing, and how to sell houses to buyers via assignment without them questioning your profit or trying to beat you up over it.

Making Offers Over the Phone

Making Offers Over the Phone

Today's sellers demand instant action and gratification. You need to be ready to do virtual negotiations and still make offers that make sense.

what to say to sellers

What to Say To Sellers (Pre-Screening)

Quit stumbling over words and freezing up when the seller asks a question. Learn what to say in ever scenario after taking this course.

How to Manage Buyers on Auto Pilot

How to Manage Buyers on Auto Pilot

How to handle your cash buyers and let the cream rise to the top.

How to Hire and Train an Acquisition Manager

Hire and Train an Acquisition Manager

Hiring an Acquisition Manager is an essential part of automating your real estate business. This course will guide you through the entire process, from recruiting, to training and pay scales.

Outsourcing Property Inspections

Outsourcing Property Inspections

How to Recruit, train and hire someone to be your eyes on the ground in local and virtual markets. Checklists, pay scale recommendations and training documents included.

How to Find Hidden Gem Sellers using a Sneaky Little Skip Tracing Secret

How to Find Hidden Gem Sellers using a Sneaky Little Skip Tracing Secret

How to Skip Trace Hard to Find Sellers

Mastering the Basics of SEO

Mastering the Basics of SEO

We’re talking about Search Engine Optimization. Organic traffic. Free traffic based on your website showing up in search results

Market and Sell Properties to your Buyer List

How to Market and Sell Properties in 24 Hours

Discover how to quickly pre-screen buyers and treat them like the valuable team players that they are. Your business will flourish in more ways than one.

Wholesale Rea Estate Marketing Checklist

15 Point Marketing Checklist

Here’s a checklist of 15 items that you can deploy every time you have a new house for sale. Give the checklist to your VA and delete them all away.

Is Wholesale Real Estate Worth It in 2023?

Social Media Engagement Grid

Here’s a social media engagement grid that will give you some ideas on what can be posted on your Facebook Page and other social media accounts to get engagement with your audience.

Use Realtors to Buy and Sell Wholesale Deals

How to Use Realtors to Buy and Sell Wholesale Deals

Learn how to be lucrative by using Realtors to help you buy and Sell houses using the MLS

Become Your Own Bank Infinite Banking Strategies

Become Your Own Bank: Infinite Banking

Interview with Justin Atkinson from Paradigm Life. Learn how to create your own bank and borrow money from it to buy real estate! Learn the strategies of the wealthy.

Managing Seller Leads on Auto Pilot

Managing Seller Leads on Auto Pilot

When your business is running in auto mode, you'll be generating more seller leads than before. This course will show you how to manage them, and even outsource to someone else.

Real Estate Tax Strategies

Real Estate Tax Strategies

This training is with John Hyre, a well known, witty and highly sought after real estate tax accountant. Learn some strategies to help reduce your tax liability, and how to plan better for your future.

YouTube Video Marketing Domination

YouTube Video Marketing Domination

YouTube Marketing is a concept that is a little untapped in the real estate investor --> seller space. Watch this training and learn how to capture the audience that you're after, and what to do once they've watched your video.

Wholesaling Real Estate Negotiating with seller

Power Negotiating Hacks with Sellers and Buyers

Negotiation tips when responding to Sellers and Buyers. Overcome every objection and start getting a "yes" when you ask the seller if he's ready to sign.

Investing in Real Estate Wholesale

Investing in Real Estate with your Roth IRA

Jeff Watson, an attorney for over 2 decades, and innovator of wealth building shared with us a SIMPLE method for growing your Self Directed IRA account. Tap into this tax-free wealth builder.

how to scale real estate business

How to Scale Your Real Estate Business

Do you have your business systems down and are ready to scale? Do more deals? Make more money? Take this course and learn how to double down on everything you're doing.

automating direct mail campaigns

Automating Direct Mail Campaigns

When you have the lead generation machine working around the clock on auto-pilot then your business will prosper! Create a business that has no gaps in income with consistent lead flow.

real estate investing business analytics

Analyzing Your Real Estate Business

Do you know your numbers? Conversion rates? Return on Marketing Dollar Investment? Take this course and know how to find out exactly how your business is performing.

Real Estate Wholesaling Automation 4.0

This training course takes you STEP-BY-STEP on How to Automate Your Real Estate Wholesaling Business from Start to Finish. 10,000 foot view of how simple your life will be.

Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program. Real Estate Mentor

Bad Ass Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program

Are you brand new to the wholesaling arena and want to learn all of the fundamentals that you need to close your first, second, or even tenth deal? This course is for you!

How To Structure Seller Financed Deals

How To Structure Seller Financed Deals

Owner Financed properties are just another way to acquire houses, either for wholesaling, buy and hold or buy and resell. This course will teach you how to structure those types of deals and add this to your exit strategy.

How a Powerful Website Will Earn You 6 Figures

How a Powerful Website Will Earn You 6 Figures

Learn how to generate seller leads online and how a powerful website can be a 6 figure earner for you in your real estate business!

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