Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program


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Are you brand new to the real estate wholesaling business and want to learn all of the fundamentals that you need to close your first, second, or even tenth deal?  The Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program is for you!

You’ll learn everything you need to know about real estate wholesaling starting at generating seller leads and working your way all the way to closing table!
Here is everything that will be covered in the Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program:

Generating Motivated Seller Leads

  • Choosing The Best Lists of Motivated Sellers In Your Market
  • Determining A Realistic Marketing Budget To Meet Your Goals
  • Creating a Marketing Plan That will Produce Results
  • What’s More Important? Quantity or Quality of Your Marketing Campaigns
  • How To Determine When You’ve Spent Enough Money On A Campaign
  • Setting Goals For Yourself
  • Action Plan
  • Bandit Sign Marketing
  • Creating Marketing Pieces That Generate High Response Rates
  • Why Craigslist Ads Are A Graveyard Of Sellers
  • How To Communicate With Online Leads And Keep Them Engaged
  • How To FREEZE THE SALE With Online Leads And Keep Them From Filling Out Everyone Else’s Forms
  • Action Plan

Pre – Screening Sellers

  • Incoming Phone Calls – Three Methods Of Answering Sellers Calls From Worst To Best
  • Gathering The Pertinent Important That You Need To Analyze A Deal in 10 Seconds
  • What You Should Say To The Sellers The First Time
  • How To Determine The Sellers’ True Motivation
  • When to Set Appointments For Property Inspections
  • Estimating Repairs – How To Determine How Much The Rehabber will Spend
  • The Property Inspection Process
  • Action Plan

Making Offers To Sellers

  • How To Probe At The Problem And Get An Offer Accepted
  • How To Determine ARV And Safely Arrive At MAO
  • The Negotiation Cycle With Sellers
  • Why You Shouldn’t Use The Condition Of The House As A Weapon
  • Magic Lines To Use To Get The Sellers To Say YES
  • How To Present Offers To Sellers
  • Action Plan

Follow Up Systems With Sellers

  • The Method Behind A Follow Up System And Why It Works So Well
  • Three Most Effective Methods For Following Up With Sellers
  • How To Implement An Effective Follow Up System For Sellers
  • Action Plan

Closing Deals With Sellers

  • How To Present The Contract Without Being Intimidating
  • How To Disclose To The Seller Your Intent To Assign The Contract
  • When Do You Need To Do Double Closings?
  • How To Get Full Access To The House For Showings
  • Why You Should Order Title Work IMMEDIATELY
  • Digital Contracts
  • Communicating With Your Seller After The Deal Is Signed
  • Action Plan

Generating Cash Buyer Leads

  • What Should Come First? The Sellers Or The Buyers?
  • Effective Methods For Building An  All Cash List Of Cash Buyers
  • Using Bandit Signs To Build Your Buyers List
  • The Two Types Of Buyers – VIP Buyers VS. Tire Kickers
  • Action Plan

Pre – Screening Buyers

  • Pre – Screening Buyers 101
  • How To Train Your Buyers To Do Business Your Way
  • How To Sniff Out Those Guys That Just Want To Flip Your House
  • Selling Houses To Landlords VS. Rehabbers
  • How To Avoid Getting Left Hanging At The Closing Table
  • Action Plan

Negotiating With Wholesale Buyers

  • How To Price Your Wholesale Deal So That You Sell It FAST
  • Knowing The Limit On Lowering Your Purchase Price
  • What To Do If You Get An Offer That’s Too Low
  • What To Do If  Your Buyer Has A Problem With Your Assignment Fee
  • What Happens If You’re Overpriced Your Property, And How To Glue These Deals Together
  • The #1 Pre – Screening Method That Will Ensure Your Buyers CLOSE
  • Action Plan

Closing Deals With Buyers

  • Using An Assignment Of Contract With Your Buyer
  • Using A NEW Purchase And Sale Agreement With Your Buyer
  • Selecting The Title Company To Handle The Closing Of The Transaction
  • No Inspections, No Contingencies, No Appraisals
  • Creative Ways To Collect Assignment Fees – Build Residual Income
  • Action Plan

Real Estate Wholesale Closing Basics

  • Traditional Closing Costs And Who Pays For What
  • How To Read And Review A HUD
  • How To Get Referrals From All Of Your Seller Leads
  • Scheduling Stress Free Closings
  • Action Plan

Being A Long Term Real Estate Wholesaler

  • The Right Mindset To Be In The Business For Many Years
  • How Much Do You Need In Your Business Account?
  • Setting Up A Business Entity For Operating Your Wholesaling Business
  • Learning Other Business Models
  • Investing In Your Future And In Your Retirement (Some Cool Investing Tips)
  • Outsourcing Your Business To Stay Sane
  • Action Plan
  • Real Estate Wholesaling Virtual Coaching Program

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