Best States To Wholesale Real Estate in 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of real estate, finding the best states to wholesale property in 2023 is crucial for success. Several key factors play a pivotal role in determining the viability of these real estate markets. As a savvy real estate investor, it's essential to consider these factors when deciding where to focus your wholesale efforts.

Below are facts to consider in 2023 for Wholesale Real Estate.

  1. Booming Property Values 📈 One of the primary criteria for evaluating the potential of a wholesale real estate deal is the growth in property values. Investing in a state where property values are on the rise can lead to significant profits down the line.
  2. Growing Population 👥 A state with a steadily increasing population indicates a rising demand for real estate. More people mean more potential buyers and renters, making it an attractive market for wholesalers.
  3. Strong Job Market 💼 A robust job market fuels the demand for housing. States with a healthy employment scene often experience a surge in the need for homes, both for rent and purchase.
  4. Low Rental Vacancy Rates 🏢 Low vacancy rates in the rental market can lead to increased rental prices and heightened interest in home purchases. This is great news for real estate wholesalers, as it signifies a strong demand for properties.
  5. National Real Estate Statistics USA National real estate statistics provide a broader perspective on the overall American real estate market. These figures offer insights into the health and trends of the industry, helping wholesalers make informed decisions.
Best States To Wholesale Real Estate in 2023

Now, let's dive into the 11 states that are considered the best for wholesale real estate transactions in 2023:


California, renowned for its pleasant climate and geographical diversity, offers a plethora of fascinating real estate opportunities. From the bustling, star-studded streets of Los Angeles to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California's diverse landscape is a playground for real estate investors. Property values have shown a consistent upward trajectory, and the demand for homes and apartments continues to soar. However, it's essential to note that California is also known for its high property costs, which can impact profit margins. Despite this, its thriving economy and diverse housing options make it a prime location for wholesalers looking for exciting deals in 2023.


Texas, often referred to as the Lone Star State, beckons real estate wholesalers with its vast expanse and diverse range of cities and towns. The state boasts thriving metropolises like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, each with its unique charm and investment potential. Texas offers a robust job market, drawing professionals from various fields, and a variety of housing options, from modern city apartments to charming suburban homes. What adds to its allure is the affordability factor, making it an enticing destination for real estate investors looking to maximize their profit margins. In 2023, Texas stands as a state with considerable potential for lucrative wholesale deals.


Florida, known for its tropical climate and scenic coastal areas, presents a dynamic real estate landscape. Cities like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa attract both domestic and international investors. The Sunshine State is characterized by steady property value growth and a robust tourism industry, fueling the demand for vacation rentals and second homes. Florida's diverse market offers everything from luxury waterfront properties to affordable inland homes. In 2023, wholesalers have the opportunity to capitalize on Florida's appeal as a year-round destination, making it a promising state for real estate transactions.

North Carolina

North Carolina, nestled in the southeastern United States, is emerging as a hotspot for real estate investors. With a growing population and a strong job market, cities like Charlotte and Raleigh have seen a surge in demand for housing. The state's diverse geography offers both urban and rural investment opportunities, and its relative affordability compared to some neighboring states is attracting attention. In 2023, North Carolina's steady growth and appeal as a place to live and work make it an intriguing state for wholesalers seeking profitable real estate ventures.


Georgia, home to Atlanta, one of the country's fastest-growing cities, is drawing real estate wholesalers with its dynamic market. The state's diverse landscape ranges from bustling cityscapes to serene countryside, providing a variety of investment options. Georgia's affordability, coupled with a thriving job market, makes it an attractive destination for both local and out-of-state investors. In 2023, wholesalers can take advantage of the state's expanding economy and the demand for housing, making Georgia a compelling choice for real estate transactions.


Pennsylvania, with its rich history and diverse real estate markets, offers a unique set of opportunities for wholesalers. Cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are experiencing urban revitalization, creating potential for real estate growth. The state's mix of urban and suburban areas caters to various investment preferences. While Pennsylvania may not always be the first state that comes to mind for real estate, its stability and historical significance make it an intriguing choice for wholesalers in 2023.


Illinois, known for the Windy City, Chicago, boasts a range of real estate possibilities. Chicago's skyline and cultural attractions attract both residents and tourists, contributing to the demand for housing. Additionally, the state's suburban areas offer quieter but equally promising investment opportunities. With a strong job market and a diverse range of properties, Illinois provides a stable yet exciting landscape for wholesalers to explore in 2023.


Tennessee, famous for its music and vibrant cities like Nashville and Memphis, has gained attention from real estate investors. The state's growing population and robust job market have resulted in increased demand for housing. From the country music scene in Nashville to the cultural richness of Memphis, Tennessee offers a diverse range of investment opportunities. In 2023, wholesalers can tap into this dynamic market, capitalizing on Tennessee's unique blend of culture and commerce.


Ohio, situated in the Midwest, offers a stable real estate market and various investment options. Cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland have experienced economic growth, making them attractive destinations for wholesalers. The state's affordability and lower cost of living compared to many other states contribute to its appeal. In 2023, Ohio's dependable real estate market makes it a safe bet for wholesalers seeking consistent opportunities.

New Jersey

New Jersey, with its proximity to major metropolitan areas like New York City and Philadelphia, provides a valuable market for real estate professionals. The state's diverse communities and urban centers offer a wide range of investment possibilities. While New Jersey's property market can be competitive, its location and economic vitality make it a prime destination for wholesalers looking to navigate the 2023 real estate landscape.


Arizona, known for its desert landscapes and warm climate, has a dynamic real estate market. Cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale offer various investment options, from urban condos to suburban homes. The state's affordability and low property taxes attract retirees and professionals alike, contributing to housing demand. In 2023, wholesalers can leverage Arizona's unique appeal as a year-round destination, making it a promising state for real estate transactions.


While these 11 states are considered prime for wholesale real estate, it's essential to remember that opportunities exist in every state. Proper training and knowledge are key to maximizing these opportunities. Fortunately, there is a wealth of free training available to help you become a successful real estate wholesaler. In this dynamic industry, continuous learning and adaptability are your best allies. Keep an eye on market trends, stay informed, and be prepared to seize opportunities wherever they may arise. The real estate world is full of potential, and with the right knowledge and determination, you can thrive in any state, whether it's on this list or not. So, gear up, stay informed, and make 2023 a successful year for your real estate wholesale business!

Which State to wholesale real estate in 2023 best worked for you?

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