Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate

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Virtual Assistant Services for Real Estate

Running a real estate wholesaling business includes many tasks, many appointments, phone calls, meetings and other repetitive tasks to deal with daily.
 Being a real estate professional is not easy. But a reliable real estate virtual assistant can manage tasks with much ease and expertise. In addition, some of the assistants are highly paid off depending upon their skills. When you hire a real estate virtual assistant, you will expect someone to understand your business and take your business to the next level.
 Start your work-life balance with Property M.O.B Virtual Assistant to handle a busy real estate business easily.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants are called actual assistants who can help from a remote location. For example, real Estate Virtual Assistants can perform administrative tasks, data entry and management, cold calling, including lead generation.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

We offer a list of services that a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can manage. They can be done from a computer that a virtual assistant handles for you.
 What our Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do:
 You can delegate a variety of responsibilities to your Real Estate Virtual Assistant


The administration management of an organization is critical, especially in the real estate industry. Beginner challenges include managing online social web pages and social media profiles.

Data scraping and research

Scraping real estate data from websites like craigslist and other online sources is time-consuming. As a result, you can delegate the task to your assistance with relative simplicity.


It can be challenging to produce an appealing description for an apartment listing to attract customers. However, a virtual assistant can also define the real estate business.

Generate Leads

When handling the actual sales, your lead generation could make the process go more smoothly.
 It's also critical to generate leads to identify people committed to your company. Our virtual assistant can create information and set up appointments for you.


A virtual assistant can assist with marketing, an essential component of a real estate business.
 Our virtual assistant will handle your social media posts, allowing you to focus on other productive tasks.

Manage Real Estate CRM Platforms

Data entry can make it easier to manage your data. Our virtual assistant will handle your data entry.

Hire a Property M.O.B Virtual Assistant

We train and supply only the most excellent virtual assistants for real estate investors at Property M.O.B. We can also provide you with a well-trained virtual assistant who has been pre-qualified using various approaches. We hire punctual, prompt, follow directions, and great team members.
 More than 70 hours of interactive training courses in various forms are available through our Virtual Assistant Training Academy.
 If you wish to hire a virtual assistant, you can be assured that our virtual assistant will charge you according to the tasks and hours.
 To hire a virtual assistant, go to Property M.O.B. and start expanding your real estate business.

Close 200% more deals when you hire a Virtual Assistant to help you Organize, Automate, and scale your Business!

Your new Virtual Assistant will come pre-trained and well prepared to add value to your business.

Get Started Today with your VA, and experience what it's like to finally get rid of the tasks that eat up your time and prevent your from being the most productive you can be!

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