Find a Private Lender and Get the Cash You Need

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Find a Private Lender and Get the Cash You Need

A lot of deals in real estate investing can be structured with none or very little of your own money. That's he beauty of what attracts so many people to the creative real estate space.
Sometimes, however, you’ll find deals that require funding. Maybe you want to rehab a property yourself to realize a greater profit. Or maybe you need to close on the deal much faster than you can find a buyer for it.
These are the times when you need private funding. Having a private lender at your fingertips is something that every creative real estate investor needs in their tool box.
This video below will take you through the steps of locating and securing private funding for those specials deals!

In this Borgata, our Veteran Member and Newbie Coach Steve Londeau interviews Marc Hoffman.  They discuss how to find a private lender and get the cash you need to fund your deals. Check the video below for more details

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