What is a Tire Kicker?

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Tire Kicker:  Someone who is indecisive about purchasing a product or service, and never feels satisfied with what they are offered. In the end a tire kicker may or may not buy. The term comes from sales people at car dealerships. Tire kickers would come around frequently, kick the tires a few times on the cars that they liked, but never make a solid purchasing decision on any particular car or trim.

(Definition Taken from Urban Dictionary)

In the business of real estate wholesaling, a tire kicker is someone who wants to see the house, and asks a million questions when you show it to him, but never buys.  These are literally the worst time wasters on the planet. Sometimes it's hard to spot one in the beginning. They can trick you into thinking that they're seriously interested in the house. Then after a while, you start to realize that they're unable to perform. They may have the intention to, but they just can't

Warning Signs of Tire Kickers

  • They want to add weasel contingencies to their offers
  • Have a "partner" that they need to talk to
  • Can't make a decision without someone else involved

Here's a hint: Create a system that will eliminate you having to deal with tire kickers. 

How to Deal with Time Wasting Buyers

If you come across one of these buyers, you have to get rid of them fast. There are too many people out there that are ready, willing and able to buy your properties. They have cash and can close quickly. To prevent yourself from time-wasting buyers in the future, learn how to pre-screen your buyers. You can create a system that will screen buyers just like you do sellers. It involves asking them their exit strategy, how quickly they can close, and verifying funds.

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