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  • Due Diligence

Do Your Due Diligence People

We have a little more knowledge about the real estate closing process than the average seller. If you don’t communicate and explain to them how it’s all gonna go down, you may find yourself with a little challenge at closing (sellers don’t like surprises). NEVER ASSUME that the seller agrees to pay for ANYTHING! and never assume that because it’s in your contract, that they agreed to it!

Be sure to discuss all of the financial details with your sellers, so they know what to expect at closing. Here’s a special message from the MOB about doing Due diligence.

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One Comment

  1. jorge caicedo May 15, 2016 at 12:22 am - Reply

    I have it in my contract(which is still a work in progress), that the only thing the Seller has to pay for is if there’s a cloud on the title or some other encumbrance..I’m gonna have my Buyer pay the closing costs..
    Hopefully the Buyers I get will agree to that

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