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Are you looking for some real estate follow up examples? There are so many different and effective methods that you can use. When you’re using email autoresponders to follow up with your seller leads, the email subject line is the CRITICAL starting point. This one element ALONE must get noticed. The seller MUST take action before you’ll ever get a response.  You literally have a half of a second to grab attention and get them to click. This is goal #1.

The average person receives 144+ emails every day. It has become somewhat of a "junk mail" fiesta these days. People find it hard to weed through emails. The average open rate of any email campaign is about 10%. That means if you have 100 sellers in your email follow up campaign, there's a good chance that only 10 will open your email.  That's not alot.

There's an easy way to combat this ridiculously low open rate and that's by having a compelling and interesting headline. That's how we chose which emails get opened on a daily basis. 

Subject lines should be personal, and attention-grabbing. They must speak to the reader and give them a reason to keep reading.

Here’s a list of the TOP 20 Email Subject Lines to use in your Email Autoresponder Campaigns for real estate follow up examples with sellers!

How Can You Utilize These Headlines?

Anytime you've generated a motivated seller lead, each one needs to be evaluated carefully. If you determine that the seller qualifies to work in your program, then follow up is necessary. They may not be ready to make a deal today. But a tight follow up program will keep you in the forefront. You'll be the one that they contact when they are ready to sell.

These email subject lines are perfect real estate follow up examples. They've been tested and tracked by many real estate wholesalers over the years. They're simple and clean, as well as personalized.

Test out any of these Email Subject Headlines on Your Email Autoresponder Campaigns and watch your open rates beat the "average" by a mile. Comment here and report to us what your open rates are with your motivated sellers, and what kind of replies you get to the emails using these headlines. 

Good luck!

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Example of Follow Up in Action, Producing Results

Follow up with your seller leads. It works.  I'm about to tell you a story of a real-life example of implementing a follow-up system, and how following up can turn an old lead into a CHECK.

I've been talking to this particular seller for a while. We couldn't agree on a price. My max offer was $22,500 and he wanted $35.000.00. He declined my offer on several occasions thinking that he could get more for the house.

After agreeing to disagree, I changed his lead status in Zoho to FOLLOW UP, which is what I do when I think that the seller is worthy of talking to again in the future. I know for a FACT that time and circumstances changes everything.  When I do this, it automatically adds him to Zoho Campaigns and starts an autoresponder series that I created.  It sends the seller a very simple email every 30 days and asks them if they still want to sell their house. Here's what the email looks like

So when he was dropped into the auto responder series, he received 3 emails from me. One in May, one in June, and one in July. Then I received an email from him asking if I was still interested in the house at $22,500. If so, he would accept. Here's his email :

My point here is this. It didn't take any more effort to put this seller into my auto responder email series.  Yes, it took time to set up the autoresponder series at first. But that's how systems work. You spend the time setting them up and oiling them so they run smooth forever. Then you can utilize them for the rest of your life. Or the rest of your career.....whichever you decide.

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