When you’re using email auto responders to follow up with your sellers leads, the email subject line is the CRITICAL starting point. This one element ALONE must get noticed, and the seller MUST take action before you’ll ever get a response. 

The average person receives 144+ emails every day. It has become somewhat of a “junk mail” fiesta these days, and people find it hard to weed through emails. The average open rate of any email campaign is about 10%. That means if you have 100 sellers in your email follow up campaign, there’s a good chance that only 1 will open your email. 


There’s an easy way to combat this ridiculously low open rate and that’s by having a compelling and interesting headline. That’s how we chose which emails get opened on a daily basis. 

Subject lines should be personal, and attention grabbing. They must speak to the reader and give them a reason to keep reading.

Here’s a list of the TOP 20 Email Subject Lines to use in your Email Autoresponder Campaigns for Following up with SELLERS!

email subject line

Test out any of these Email Subject Headlines on Your Email Autoresponder Campaigns and watch your open rates beat the “average” by a mile. Comment here and report to us what your open rates are with your sellers, and what kind of replies you get to the emails using these headlines. 

Good luck!