Top 3 Mailing Lists for Real Estate Wholesalers

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The Top 3 Mailing Lists for Real Estate Investors can be tracked and proven with data that is collected from veterans. That's exactly what this training is about.

Everyone has an opinion about which are the "best" mailing lists to use in your campaigns. What they don't tell you is how they are coming up with their opinions. Well, we like Facts!! No more scrolling through a Facebook Group full of newbies who are leading you down the wrong path.

Since 1998, data has been collected from experienced real estate investors about which mailing lists work the best. The results are revealed in this training video. You may just be wasting your marketing dollars by mailing to the wrong people. If you're a real estate wholesaler, this video is made for you.

Take some time to listen to the training video and discover:

  • Why You Should Dump the Absentee Owner Lists
  • ​​​​​Discover Who The Most Qualified Sellers Are In Your Market and How to Obtain Those Lists for FREE
  • How to Pre-Screen Your Sellers LONG BEFORE a Postcard or Letter Ever Hits The Streets
  • Why Absentee Owners Are A Waste of Money ESPECIALLY if you're a Newbie

Once you have the understanding of how to choose the best mailing lists for real estate investors, you'll never go without seller leads again. Most motivated sellers can be found on multiple lists. By knowing the secrets of the top performing lists, you're sure to always generate the highest quality leads around.

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