If you’re like me, you’re always trying to find out how to find the value of a property without the MLS! I mean, who wants to have to ask a Realtor what the value of a house is every time you get a motivated seller lead? NOT ME.  (Which is weird, because I’m a Realtor and I don’t even want to login to the MLS!).

I’m constantly checking out websites and mobile apps to find one that seems pretty reliable when it comes to information about the property and most importantly, one that will give me COMPS!!  I like to go with the standard “3 Actives, and 3 Solds”, that have sold within the last 6 months, that are within .25 mile.  I also like to check for LOW comps to see what investors are paying for dumps in the neighborhood.

I’ve found the PERFECT mobile app for this!  My Friend Efren The ShortSaleGodfatherologist first told me about it a week ago. Believe it or not, it was even featured in the Realtor Magazine this month.  Lucky for us, though, its available to everyone. This app has to be my favorite so far!

Here’s How it Works

It’s so easy to use! All you do is TAKE A PHOTO of the house when you’re standing in front of it. It will identify the property address, and instantly pull up information about the house. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Square feet, etc.  It will give you MLS history, and EVEN pull up ACTIVE AND SOLD properties that are COMPARABLE.

You’ll be able to view the photos of the comps, even the interior photos!  How cool is that????

If you’re not at the property and can’t physically take a photo, you can enter the address manually and the same thing will happen!! It’s kind fun to take a photo and watch the app identify the house.

Listen up!! If you have bird dogs looking for vacant properties, have them install this app!  All they have to do is take a photo of the house, and they can send it to YOU via Email or text.  Attached to the message will be the property address, details, photos and COMPS!  WOW. The possibilities for new ways to generate leads has just opened up!  THINK ABOUT IT…..

So do you want to know the name of it?  I know you do!

downloadIt’s HOMESNAP!  Here’s the link to the iPad App  and Here’s the link to the iPhone App

Go get it.  Go get it right now. And Leave your comments on THIS page with your thoughts.