How To Set up a Google Voice Account for Your VA

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If you're considering hiring a Virtual Assistant, you'll definitely want him/her to have their own phone number.  Especially if they're working remotely from another country like India or the Philippines.

May I suggest that you set up a Google Voice account for your VA? This will allow him/her to receive incoming calls and place outgoing calls, while appearing to be in the U.S. - Even in the same city as you are!!  Here's how to do this:

This time, however, you'll be giving access of this account to your VA. Since the Google Voice account requires Gmail, this can even be the account that you use to communicate with your VA.

Then, share this Document with your VA : "How to Send/Receive Calls Using Google Voice".  Ask your VA to always have Gmail open if they prefer that the phone ring on their computer.  OR they can install the Google Voice app on their iPhone and use that. Whichever they prefer.

Pretty cool, huh??? Here's another cool Feature from Google Voice

Send Text Message to Follow Up

Here's a FAST and EASY way to follow up with MISSED seller calls from Google Voice.  These are the sellers that called and may have hung up. Using the simple technique found in this video, you'll be following up with numerous sellers in SECONDS!! and setting appointments that you may have otherwise lost. Check it out.

How to Record Session of Voice Calls

Have you ever been driving down the road, and a motivated seller calls your number?  They're telling you the story of complete motivation, and you get excited and almost crash.  Now you need to write down the details (property address, phone number of seller, seller's name, etc). But you're driving and you can't write and drive at the same time.  There's an easy fix for that!!

You can simply hit the "4" key, and the call will be recorded. There are few things you need to know before you do this:

1.  The Call recording feature must be enabled in your google Voice settings. To do this, log into your Voice account. Go to :

Settings > Calls> and check the box that says "Enable Recording (4), Switch (*) and Conferencing options on inbound calls".

2.  Before you record any call, you must obtain permission from the caller. You can say something like "I don't have anything to write with at the moment, do I have your permission to record the call so that I have it saved?

Once you hit "4" and record the call, the recorded information will be stored in your Voice account under More > Recorded Calls.

Good luck!!  Keep pushing forward and making things happen.

5 comments on “How To Set up a Google Voice Account for Your VA”

  1. Zee Capacete says:

    Hi, will it allow me to create the account for my boss? She's in the US, but I'm here in the Philippines. Google Voice won't allow me to create one since it's recognizing my location being here in the Philippines. Is there another way to do it?

    1. Mallory Caywood says:

      Your boss will need to create it for you. You will need to stay logged in all the time or your boss will always have to verify when you log in. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  2. the Google Voice app is not available to download on your phone outside the US. Any tips?

    1. Mallory Caywood says:

      Sorry, this is the only technique we know 🙁

  3. Janine Stanley says:

    This is incredible! Thank you for posting this blog.

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