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Seller Lead Funnels

How do you handle your seller lead funnels?

This is one of the areas that I’m always working on fine tuning. Once a seller enters the sales funnel, there’s so many roads that they can be taken down. If you develop a systematic process for every single seller that enters your system, then handling your leads will get easier and easier for you every single day, and no one will fall through the cracks.

The seller lead funnel is quite complicated and can grow to be pretty massive. It may seem quite simple at first, but once you start dissecting all of the difference scenarios, that’s when you have to start tightening the bolts.


When a seller first enters your sales funnel, it’s when they are responding to an ad, a direct mail effort, or some type of direct response targeting that was produced by you. They don’t know you yet. They may even be a bit skeptical about you. It’s not uncommon. The first contact with your sellers MUST be professional and timely  


This means that you should have a 24 hour professional answering service handling your phone calls. I’ve used PatLive since 2006. They receive 100% of the calls that respond to my marketing efforts, and Pat [everyone is referred to as Pat there] is responsible for pre-screening the callers and collecting as much of the information that they can get on the first call. That information is entered directly into my CRM system, which kicks off the seller lead funnel. Here’s what a new seller lead looks like when it hits my CRM.


seller lead funnels

Once the lead has made it into my system, that’s when the processing begins. Where does this seller lead go next? What is the next plan of action for this caller? What is your turn around time for responding to calls from sellers? Do they just sit in your CRM stagnant waiting on a call back? If you don’t create a system for incoming leads, then your sellers will get old REAL FAST and another investor who has a better funnel will scoop them up and take the deal from you.

seller lead funnels

The image above is my seller lead funnel blueprint. Each of the white boxes indicated a “status” of the lead, while the green boxes indicate a “transition” that takes the seller to the next step. With each of my transitions, a set of actions take place. It could be just to add a note, or it could be an entire sequence of events emails, and workflows. My team uses the blueprint funnel to process all of our incoming leads. Ever since we’ve adopted this blueprint, our leads are being handled in a much more timely, deliberate way.


The Blueprint is a new feature of the Godfather CRM, and it can be customized to fit your business model exactly. However, when you grab up a copy of the Godfather CRM, the blueprint that you see here is built in automatically. It’s pretty cool. It actually helps new investors, AND admin assistants navigate through the process of handling sellers leads with the greatest of ease  


As you can see from the blueprint image, you can control the direction of the seller, and where they ultimately end up before they reach the “end” of their journey with you.


I love creating funnels that guide each and every person into the right place, so that if we are able to help them, we don’t miss the opportunity. If you don’t have a funnel for your seller leads, then now is the time to start building one. Use my diagram as your base, and start building from there. In the next Automation Strategy Session [For Members Only], I’ll be breaking down this seller lead blueprint in great detail and reviewing what each and every transition triggers in the workflow process. You can become a Member today and listen in on this exciting call, as well as checking out all of our automation strategy calls that are in our archive section  


Automating your Business will result in More Closed Deals, and More Free Time. How can you argue with that?

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