Does a Bear Shit in the Woods? I’m sorry for that reference, it’s the first thing I could think of.


In case you haven’t figured me out yet, I’m all about outsourcing everything that I can to make my life more efficient, more organized, and so that I have to the least amount of minutia as possible.  Answering phone calls happens to be at the top of my list of minutia. There is of course, more than one way to skin a cat.


Let’s discuss the various methods from worst to best:

The worst way imaginable to take seller calls:  Is to take them yourself. Good Lord, this will drive you right to the bottle of nearest whiskey. While it may be a good idea fora newbie to take a few calls in the beginning just to get an idea of what a motivated seller sounds like, and as well as what a NON-motivated seller sounds like.  Just a warning, though, it WILL get old very quickly.  The number of NON motivated sellers will outweigh the motivated ones by a mile. If you do this, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


The next worst way is to send all of your sellers to voice mail. This is what the masses of people in our country do. Noone wants to answer the phone any more.  If you have a motivated seller on the line, trust me when I tell you that you really should be capturing their information.  You don’t want them to get away, or be left in limbo waiting on someone to call them back.  If they’re seriously motivated, they’ll continue dialing numbers until they get a live person to tell them they’ll come look at the house.


You can hire a Virtual Assistant to take your calls. Ehhh. I’m not totally excited about this either.  Most of  the time, you’re going to hire someone from another country. They don’t speak English very well (in most cases), and they aren’t awake during U.S. hours. I prefer letting them do administrative tasks like processing contracts and scheduling closings. I don’t want them to be the first point of contact for my sellers.


You can hire a cheap answering service. I did that once. All of their operators worked from home. I did some random test calls on this company (I cant remember the name of them now), and the operator did a terrible job handling the call. Besides that, I could hear dogs and babies in the background. Not that I have anything dogs or babies, but i don’t want neither one of them screaming in the background when I’m trying to collect information from a seller.  This is my livelihood on the line.  Oh yeah, the operator was also smoking a cigarette during the call. I could hear her blowing the smoke out and coughing.  What an epic fail!!


Real Estate and Pat LiveAnd then there’s Pat Live. Are they expensive? I guess.  That’s what everyone is always crying about.  I’m always happy to get a big Pat  Live bill. It means that sellers are calling me, and I’m getting seller leads.  One of the best things about Pat Live is that they understand our business. Ron LeGrand has trained them to know exactly what it is that we do, and how to handle the seller calls. You don’t even have to explain. They have LIVE and PROFESSIONAL operators that take your calls LIVE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  What more could you want?


I even have Pat Live enter the seller’s information directly into my seller lead form, which is integrated into Zoho CRM. So as soon as Pat Live has completed the call, I receive an email notification with the seller lead information. Pat Live even has the ability to add additional virtual numbers for only $5 per month. Which means you can forward ALL of your Google Voice numbers to Pat Live.


If you’re serious about your business, and your not one of those people that hem and haw about spending too many nickels, then go ahead and take the calls yourself.  Otherwise, sign up for an account with Pat Live and let them handle it for you. If you spend $500 on a monthly invoice in exchange for a $10,000 check, then what does it REALLY matter how much the Pat Live bill is?


Check out Pat Live now. (I’m a proud and enthusiastic affiliate, and a USER of their service! If you sin up using my link, they’ll waive the setup fee and give you a killer unadvertised special). HEY HEY You can also call in and mention the name “property mob” or “tracy caywood” and receive the same discount.


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