Top 4 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Should Be Doing

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Have you been thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to enhance your business but aren’t sure what they should even be doing once you hire them? You’re not alone!

The thought of having some available to handle all of the day to day tasks that are all part of running a successful real estate investing business is so relieving.

What happens when you finally make the selection of which person you’ll be adding to the team? What do you tell them to do first? How do you teach them to prioritize?

What are the 4 most important tasks that your Virtual Assistant should be doing every day?

This information was written with you in mind. It comes from actual real estate investor who have employed virtual assistants in their business and have compiled a list of the TOP tasks for virtual assistant that make their VA more valuable. ENJOY!

1. Pull Comps and Perform CMA’s

This task needs to be performed on nearly every motivated seller leads that enters your funnel. It’s also quite consuming to do a radius search, locate 3 comparable sales that are within .25 50 .50 mile, that have sold within 6 months. This is definitely a job that your VA should be doing.

Without an accurate determination of value on every property you’re pursuing, you won’t be able to make an intelligent offer.

Performing a Comparative Market Analysis takes time, research and diligence. Each subject property needs to be researched, as well as each comparable sale that is used to determine values.

It’s important to choose comparable sales that have the following criteria:

  1. Sold within the last 6 months
  2. Within 1/4 mile from Subject property
  3. Comparable in age
  4. Within 10% square feet of Subject
  5. Comparable in construction and type

Close 200% more deals when you hire a Virtual Assistant to help you Organize, Automate, and scale your Business!

Your new Virtual Assistant will come pre-trained and well prepared to add value to your business.

Get Started Today with your VA, and experience what it's like to finally get rid of the tasks that eat up your time and prevent your from being the most productive you can be!

2. Managing Your Lead Generation Campaigns

The most value any virtual assistant can add to your company and your success as a real estate investor is being able to manage your marketing campaigns. The biggest challenge is generating motivated seller leads, so train your virtual assistant on how to keep the leads coming in, with new campaigns and follow up pieces, so that you’re always dealing with fresh leads.

Marketing Automation is probably the single most important task that you can assign to your virtual assistant. There are a lot of moving parts to this process, including pulling or building mailing lists, cleaning the lists up, managing and organizing the list, following up with mailing lists, creating postcards with merge fields, and keeping track of marketing expenses.

All of these tasks can be handled by your virtual assistant. When you finally decide to let go of this one, you have freed yourself from one the most important, yet time consuming tasks that a real estate investor has to perform.

3. Preparing Contracts for Buyers and Sellers

Negotiating is the fun part, doing the paperwork isn't so fun. Using a digital signature service makes your job obtaining signatures so much easier, especially with sellers who are out of state.

A lot of mistakes can be made when preparing a contract. When you train your virtual assistant to prepare your agreements with sellers for you, you can eliminate the risk of error by creating a system and a fail proof check system.

Make your job easier when you outsource the contract task to a Virtual Assistant. He/She can send the request for signatures, and also reminders until the contract has been signed. You don't have to worry about that part.

Once you have worked out the price and terms with your buyer, your virtual assistant can handle the paperwork part of the deal.

4. Follow Up With Sellers

75% of your deal flow will come from follow up campaigns that are consistently being executed in your business. This is one of the biggest holes that an investor needs to fill.

The first contact with the lead in important, but it's those sequential contacts that actually turn into conversions! Hire a Property M.O.B. Virtual Assistant to send follow up voice mails, text messages, and emails so that you and your offer stays in front of your seller.

Time and circumstances change everyone. When they're ready to make the deal happen, you'll be the one that they're most familiar with due to the fine efforts of your VA.

Plus these 67 other tasks for virtual assistant...

  1. Extract data from Public Websites to build a highly targeted mailing list
  2. Compile data into a spreadsheet that's ready to merge into documents
  3. Create, Share, and collaborate documents in google Drive
  4. Manage Multiple Google Voice accounts for calls and text messages
  5. Follow up with Missed Calls from seller and buyers using GV Text
  6. Design and Create Postcards suitable for generating motivated seller leads
  7. Manage Marketing Campaigns in Click2Mail
  8. Ensure that all follow up mail is being delivered to prospects
  9. Due Diligence on seller leads (delinquent taxes, property info)
  10. Perform Comparable Sales Reports on Properties and deliver in beautiful
  11. ODF or Spreadsheet format
  12. Create Web Forms that will capture seller and/or buyer leads online
  13. Create Web forms that will allow for digital online offers from buyers
  14. Create Web forms that will allow for showing requests online
  15. Recruit, hire and train a property inspector for your properties/seller leads
  16. Prepare all cash contracts with your sellers
  17. Prepare all cash contracts with your buyers
  18. Request digital signatures on contracts from sellers
  19. Request digital signatures on contracts from buyers
  20. manage email follow up campaigns for sellers
  21. Clean up your mailing list
  22. Order Title Work / Open Escrow
  23. Schedule Closings with Sellers
  24. Schedule Closings with Buyers
  25. Contact Seller to resolve title issues (payoff info, affidavits, etc)
  26. Keep track of marketing expenses
  27. Request to see HUD settlement statements prior to closing
  28. Order Bandit Signs
  29. Make sure that you don’t run out of bandit signs
  30. Order sign stakes
  31. Recruit, train and hire someone to put out your bandit signs
  32. Order yellow letters
  33. Manage yellow letter campaigns (make sure theres no lapse in marketing
  34. Setup a Patlive Account
  35. Port Google Voice Numbers into patlive
  36. Create a web form for Patlive to enter seller lead information
  37. Make sure that all information has been collected from seller, and if any missing, contact the seller to collect Pre-screen sellers
  38. Make offers to Your Sellers
  39. Follow up on your offers
  40. Create an account in schedule once, or other calendar service for you to keep appointments organized
  41. Monitor live chat on your seller website
  42. Monitor live chat on your buyers website
  43. andle showing requests on properties (give out lockbox codes, schedule appointments, etc)
  44. Run ads on backpage to market your houses
  45. Run ads on ocontract to marketing your houses
  46. Post your properties for sale on your website
  47. Maintain your website changes/updates
  48. Help you build a buyers list
  49. Send emails out to your buyers list
  50. Set up email marketing campaigns (autoresponders)
  51. Install Facebook tracking pixels on your websites
  52. Create images for your YouTube account
  53. Create images for for Facebook Page
  54. Create Facebook Ads
  55. Manage Facebook Ads
  56. Monitor social media account (engage with audience)
  57. Post on social media accounts for you
  58. Optimize blog posts
  59. Book keeping (keep track of expenses and income)
  60. Pay Vendors
  61. Send credibility kits to Sellers
  62. Request testimonials letters from sellers
  63. Maintain transaction files in CRM
  64. Make sure that we have all documents in the file
  65. Keep Dropbox files clean to manage space
  66. Make you smile 🙂
  67. Bring more and more value to your business every day

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