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Yellow letters have been around for a very long time. I remember when they first hit the real estate wholesaling scene.  They took the business by storm. Back then everyone did them one way, the right way. Now, everyone does whatever they can to try and reinvent the wheel.  JUST STOP IT PLEASE.

The yellow letter is the best marketing piece if you want to get the highest number of callers responding to your direct mail.  You WILL have to spend more time weeding out all the callers, but you're CERTAIN to come face to face with a motivated seller when you utilize the power of this simple little tool called the Yellow Letter.

As simple as it may seem, there are certainly questions that come up for first timers, and believe it not, you CAN screw this up!  So check out the questions and answers below that pertain to the yellow letter. THEN, don't think too long about it, just get 'em out there on the streets, and into the hands of some sellers! These will kick start your career into real estate wholesaling.

Your Questions About Yellow Letters Answered

  • Should you use red ink or blue ink?
  • How many times should you fold the paper?
    Fold them into fourths.
  • Should I have a website on there?
  • Should it go to voice mail or a live person?
    A live person.
  • Should I have my company registered as an LLC first before sending these letters?
  • What about my business checking account?
    What about it?
  • And then there's the envelope! Should I use invitation envelopes, envelopes with windows, with live stamps, with handwritten addresses?
    Manilla colored invitation envelopes.
  • What about the return address?
    What about it?
  • Is it okay if it is just a sticker?
  • To a PO Box?
  • What if I don't have a business address to put on my yellow letters yet?
    No one cares
  • What about the phone number? Local or toll free?
  • Should I use Telephone Extensions?

More Facts About Marketing with Hand Written Letters

  • How many calls should I expect to get?
    A lot. A whole lot.
  • How many leads per offer?
  • How many offers per deal?
  • What letter should I use?
    The one shown on this page.
  • Do you have a company you recommend?
  • Who is it?
  • Why them?
    I founded YellowLettersComplete and trained the owner. I made sure the product was exactly as I'd want it as a real estate investor.
  • Should I tell them you sent me?
  • Why?
    Because they pay me 10% when you order and mention my name (Tracy Caywood or Property MOB), which goes back into me making awesome content for the blog and the MOB!
Yellow Letters

That should answer all of your questions. If you have more, then just comment below!

The Yellow Letter Shown Above Is the Only One You Should Ever Use

(click on image to enlarge)I've been using yellow letter marketing since the good old days back in 2005. I think that's about the time I implemented them into my business. I learned of them from a Ron Legrand event, and everyone was claiming how high the response rate was.

You don't have to tell me twice when I hear of some marketing that's effective. I'm going to get on the bus and start seeing my own results.  And to this day, I still use yellow letter marketing as part of my lead generating strategy.

It's easy to have your yellow letter marketing put on auto pilot for you! If a seller asks you for a proof of funds letter, we've got you covered!

8 comments on “Every Answer to Every Question About Yellow Letters”

  1. How to personalize? Where do I get the names and addresses?

    1. Personalize with the names and property addresses of your sellers.
      these will come from the mailing list.

  2. What would you suggest when you don't know the owner's name when addressing the envelope?


  3. Ana Penalver says:

    How many shall I send in the first batch?

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